BREAKING: Martin Luther King’s Daughter Is PISSED OFF! Look What Liberals Just Did!!!!


Liberal media outlets don’t exactly have a reputation for being the sharpest tools in the shed, often reporting phony stories — ABC News is notorious for this — and just saying mind-blowingly stupid things during their reports.

However, what left-wing publication Newsweek just did to Martin Luther King is taking things to a whole new level in terms of calloused stupidity.


Bernice King, the daughter of the legendary Civil Rights leader, is furious with the magazine after they shared a picture of King in his casket.

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AFF will not show the picture out of respect for the King family.


Fox News has the details:

The magazine tweeted out a photo of her father in his casket Monday — but ultimately deleted it and apologized after backlash.


The original tweet had accompanied an article titled “Has Anybody Here Seen My Old Friend Martin?” The article details upcoming anniversaries of historical events in world history.

“Why, Newsweek? Wow.” Bernice King tweeted shortly after.

Newsweek later apologized for the “insensitive image.”

“Earlier this afternoon we published an opinion piece with an insensitive image of Martin Luther King Jr. We sincerely apologize to the King family for this egregious error,” the statement said.

Fox News sent out a request to Newsweek for additional comment on this little disaster, but unfortunately, they did not immediately respond.

The article that was to feature the photo was titled, “Has Anybody Here Seen My Old Friend Martin?” a lyric from a 1960s song called “Abraham, Martin, and John.

The song was a tribute to Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, and John F. Kennedy, all three of whom where assassinated.

For those who might be interested, here’s a little more info on Martin Luther King via U.S. History.Org:

King was raised in an activist family. His father was deeply influenced by MARCUS GARVEY’s BACK TO AFRICA MOVEMENT in the 1920s. His mother was the daughter of one of Atlanta’s most influential African American ministers. As a student, King excelled. He easily moved through grade levels and entered Morehouse College, his father’s alma mater, at the age of fifteen. Next, he attended Crozer Theological Seminary, where he received a Bachelor of Divinity degree. While he was pursuing his doctorate at Boston University, he met and married CORETTA SCOTT. After receiving his Ph.D. in 1955, King accepted an appointment to the Dexter Street Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama.

After his organization of the bus boycott, King formed the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, which dedicated itself to the advancement of rights for African Americans. In April 1963, King organized a protest in Birmingham, Alabama, a city King called “the most thoroughly segregated city in the United States.” Since the end of World War II, there had been 60 unsolved bombings of African American churches and homes.

Boycotts, sit-ins and marches were conducted. When Bull Connor, head of the Birmingham police department, used fire hoses and dogs on the demonstrators, millions saw the images on television. King was arrested. But support came from around the nation and the world for King and his family. Later in 1963, he delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech to thousands in Washington, D.C.

Isn’t it comical how the left always paints right wing media outlets as evil, vile racists who get some sort of sick and twisted pleasure out of distorting history and treating Civil Rights heroes with disrespect, yet one of their own outlets is responsible for carrying out such an insensitive action?

Just goes to show the inconsistency of the left in holding their own propaganda wing in check when it comes to promoting their worldview.



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