WHOA! A Major Truth About Mask Mandates REVEALED And The MSM Is Hiding It From You

In post modern world, we are constantly bombarded from every angle with insanity and new definitions of how to live your life.

America was founded on the idea of fundamental truths that were undeniable. These truths were called Natural Law, or the Laws of Nature, or Laws from God.

I once heard a story about an old Polish woman who lived through the Nazi occupation of her country. She has literally looked REAL Nazis in the face. She had seen the horror or real FACISM!


This woman was asked, ” How do you water the Tree of Righteousness?” Her words were short and sweet. She didn’t beat around the bush and lay out some 12 step process. She simply replies with “We just refused to follow the orders of the unrighteous.” In other words, when the whole world is running off of a cliff, stop, and turn around. Grab a friend or two and say that is certain death if we continue to go that way!

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In the Judeo-Christian world, the original laws are known as the 10 Commandments. Once upon a time, the United States used to have these in court houses across the country. Thanks to lies and insanity from the roots of post modernists, these rules were struck down and removed from the courts. A part of me wonders which of the 10 commandments they found offensive and wanted to not be reminded of?


Was it that you shouldn’t murder?

Was it you shouldn’t steal?


Or was it you shouldn’t commit adultery?

Was it possibly you shouldn’t lie?

It I had to guess, it was probably the lie rule that bothered them the most. Why would this be the one that really gets their rage going you ask?


Because if you look everything being pushed by the post modernists today, it’s all based on lies and falsehoods.


The lie I want to tackle is the lie of the covid masks, the Chinese face diapers we are being forces into wearing to cover our mouths.

I’m going straight to the point of the masks DON’T WORK! If you want proof, the best scientific proof is to compare asbestos size in microns and the person protective equipment required by OSHA to handle it. Then compare that to the Covid19 size and the filtration capabilities of a standard cloth mask everyone is wearing. If you want to argue the science, then argue from the science and truth!

Now to the morality of the stupid Chinese face diapers, THOU SHALL NOT BEAT FALSE WITNESS!

If you’re a Christian, why would you purposefully live a lie?!? I can understand if you have a job that requires you to do so in order to be employed. My question is more so to your voluntary wearing of wearing this lie publicly. Many false doctrine teachings have been published by pseudo conservatives like David French and Erik Erkisson claiming “wearing a mask is loving your neighbors.”


This is indeed a lie to support other lies so that these hacks can attempt to sleep at night. It’s also because they want to be accepted by the world, and care more about their earthy treasures as opposed to their Heavenly treasures.


In a time where the world is going off of the cliff, when everyone wants to live on lies because it’s comfortable, STOP! Stop being comfortable, stand on truth! Stand on Nature’s Laws! Bowing to this world will not save you! It will only delay your suffering!

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God Bless.

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