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Over the last two years we have watched as chaos has erupted in our streets across almost every major city. These “random uprisings” have come mostly on the heels of a black male that died after trying to fight or escape arrest from law enforcement in these sprawling cities.

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The lame stream media tells us that these are all “mostly peaceful, spontaneous protests”, as they have sat in front of burning buildings. These “reports” if you will feel like a scene from Naked gun the movie, or some other goofball satire film where absurdities are the normal, and the general populace just goes along with them for whatever dumbfounded reasons.


Lately though, these events of insanity have become increasingly more prolific, and their frequency has increased across the board. I’ve lately had nothing else to say about what I see happening other than we now live in a clown world. I fully expect at any point in time during a future Biden news brief or even Psaki brief, to have a small Volkswagen Beatle pull up and a handful of circus clowns fall out doing zany hijinks and pranks to the camera crews and everyone in the room at the time.


We all know Dementia Joe has spent his life sucking off the public service teet for financial security. Because of this life of in the public service, EVERYTHING sleepy Joe has done, has been recorded. Because of this, we can fairly, and accurately call out Dementia Biden on every stance, comment, and act he’s ever done. As someone who want’s to make sure I am always seeking the truth, I personally LOVE when sources who normally favor someone like Joe, and who has worked personally with him, comes out against the buffoon and tells the TRUTH!



Former Secretary of Defense under the merciful, and gracious former President King Hussein gave a interview way back in 2019 to CBS’s “Face The Nation” host Margaret Brennan. She asked Gates if he stood by a statement from his memoir that Biden has “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

Gates being a former head of the department of defense would be what the insane Marxist/Bolshevik’s call an “expert.” that we the common folk should listen to. Now of course stories like this they would dismiss as being not credible, and/or find some way to twist words to “fact check” the interview as mostly false for the socialist media sites to discredit and remove from spreading.


How could we also ever forget when good ole king Barry was caught talking trash on Dementia Joe and made the following statement of “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to (expletive) things up.” Incase some of you might have forgotten, China Joe worked for the king for eight years trying things, and paving the way to the clown world we are seeing today!

Obama Confesses To Being Biden's Puppet Master

Obama Confesses To Being Biden’s Puppet Master


When you step back and look at all of the policies being enacted by this current government, from wide open borders allowing thousands of covid19 infected patients to flood an already stressed system. You pull all of the troops out at once from Afghanistan. You continue to increase government payments to people to stay home, while keeping most businesses that are not lining your election pockets. You continue to put out confusing and at times even contradictory health information about Covid19 and the therapeutic jabs you keep hounding people about. You start to realize that maybe this isn’t all just China Joe and his ho messing things up, but all apart of a bigger plan to overwhelm and destroy everything that was left in this country.



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