Massachusetts To Use Fingerprint ID On All New Gun Sales

There are three democrats running for Attorney General in the state of Massachusetts. All of which are declaring war for stricter gun control. Former state Sen. Warren E. Tolman, Maura Healey, a former state prosecutor, special assistant district attorney, and state Rep. Harold P. Naughton.

The strict regulations are expected to surface next month. Tolman has called for fingerprint ID technology to be used on all newly manufactured guns, as a way of preventing use of stolen guns by criminals.

To be technical criminals do not care if your gun has a fingerprint ID on it. There is a simple fix to that, and it does not take a criminal to figure that out. Just a person who thinks a step ahead of the absurd laws trying to implemented on us. If they intend to hurt or kill you to take your guns, what is dismemberment to them?


Fingerprint-locked guns, also called smart guns, are already available. Mr. Tolman argued that the attorney general could issue regulations allowed under existing law to require new guns sold in the state to have the safety devices, without requiring any action by the Legislature or changing state law.

Again this is another attack on our rights, with us having no say in the matter at all. Actually at this point elected officials of Massachusetts would have no say either, even if they did oppose it.

We are starting to see things like this happen more and more. Yes you can step back and say well, it is a liberal state! How long do we have until the Attorney General for America starts using powers like this. Because all of their attempts at gun control fail.

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