PHOTOS: Libs Deal With Trump Victory Only Way They Know How… By Setting Fires



As Conservatives and those looking for a change of our own watched Trump claim the victory he fought so hard for against seemingly insurmountable odds, Donald Trump won his bid to be the nation’s 45th president.


However, it seems Liberals just couldn’t bow out gracefully, many taking to social media to groan about the rigged system.  You know that system they were claiming up until late last evening couldn’t POSSIBLY be rigged?  Many more butthurt liberals staged nationwide protests and as we’ve come to expect when Liberals don’t get their way, the looting and rioting began.

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Fisk students and other Nashville residents protest

It seems even my home of Nashville was not exempt from the liberal toddler tantrums. According to the Tennesseean

About 100 demonstrators shut down traffic throughout downtown Nashville Wednesday afternoon to protest President-elect Donald Trump’s victory.


“Donald Trump has got to go,” they chanted.

Students from Fisk University held a walkout and march the day after Election Day.

“The protest was in response to Donald Trump’s election particularly because of the values of discrimination, inequality, and exclusion he has championed,” said Justin Jones, a Fisk University student and one of the protest organizers.

Nick MacKenzie, a 17-year-old Nashville resident, also put together a protest called “Not My President” using Facebook at 3:30 a.m. after Trump was declared president-elect.

If Conservatives were to behave in such a manner Liberals would rake us over the coals, calling us out. Yet it appears they themselves are held a to a much different standard.

In Oregon, dozens of people blocked traffic in downtown Portland and forced a delay for trains on two light rail lines. The crowd at one point grew to approximately 300 people, with  many sitting in the middle of the road to block traffic. The crowd of liberal toddlers then began burning American flags  and chanting, “That’s not my president.” Funny, but weren’t these the same yahoos up in arms about Donald Trump telling America he would keep them in suspense on whether he would concede the election results?

In Seattle, a group of about 100 protesters gathered in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.  They blocked roads and then set a trash bin on fire.

In Pennsylvania, hundreds of University of Pittsburgh students marched through the streets.  Though Pennsylvania had some voice of reason with a few in the crowd calling for unity.


Of course, any protest wouldn’t be complete without California.   An estimated 2,000 students at the Univeristy of California at Los Angeles gathered on busy streets in the Westwood area just after Trump’s win was announced, according to the campus paper – The Daily Bruin.

Protesters chanted “Fuck Donald Trump,” “Fuck the wall” and “Not my president.”

Students began tearing apart and burning a Donald Trump pinata, and some students tried to flip over a car. The students stopped after noticing a man inside the car. Other students played guitar and held a Mexican flag. …


University of California police officers followed protesters on foot and in police cars around campus, but Los Angeles police and fire officials intervened when the group reached Wilshire Boulevard and Veteran Avenue.

On Wilshire Boulevard, students briefly blocked traffic as cars honked, some in support of protesters. Many students held their fists in the air as they ran or walked through the street.

One of the students leading the protest said nobody will accept the results of the election. After marching to Wilshire Boulevard, hundreds of protesters walked to the Janss Investment Company Building, where they did an 8-clap before sitting for about 10 minutes.

Tanner Walters, editor in chief of The Daily Bruin, posted this video from the scene around UCLA (via Twitter):


And in the Bay Area –  protests, riots, and looting were also were reported in downtown Los Angeles,  UC Santa Cruz, and also at UC Irvine. A group marched through Oakland chanted, “Who’s got the power? We got the power.” The march continued along Highway 24, where a woman was struck by an SUV and rushed to the hospital with major injuries.

These individuals also saw fit to set several small fires in Oakland.  This prompted the closure of a Bay Area Rapid Transit station. And just to make this toddler style Liberal Hissy fit complete?  Lady Gaga chimed in via Instagram to protest outside of Trump Tower on Wednesday morning.

It seems there is just nothing off limits and no lengths that these animals won’t go to in order to get their way, subjecting the rest of us to the circus they want to live in.

God Bless.

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