BREAKING: Massive Scandal ROCKS The V.A.- This Is A BIG ONE

BREAKING: Military Health Insurance Ripping Off Men And Women In Uniform As Well As Taxpayers!



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Having never served, it’s not my place to describe the chaos of war and combat.  What I can describe, is the type of treatment I hope those returning from such hellholes abroad should receive when they return.  First and foremost, as a citizen, I do expect that chaos to end for American troops when they are back on U.S. soil. But that doesn’t seem to be the case in these great United States. Under the Trump Administration, these sorts of problems will hopefully be swiftly sent down the drain with the rest of the swamp.

It’s no secret that such a tranquility has been difficult for our veterans to find when they return home—everyone has heard the disgust tales of the Veterans’ Affairs mismanagement.  Today, another story broke regarding the unjust treatment of soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines on the military’s health insurance and this problem impacts their families as well.

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In this particular instance, members of the armed forces are being hit with outrageous healthcare fees for antibiotics and prescription grade baby products that are far greater than that of the average citizen–even civilians paying out of pocket in some cases.  One member of the military was forced to pay over $400 for a $46 dollar prescription baby formula.


A private citizen would have only paid 1/10th of that ridiculous price but due to contracts with the government (in this case, the formula was charged 27 cents per calorie), certain pharmaceutical providers are able to charge exorbitant prices.   In some states, the cost of that deal gets passed on to the troops.  In other states it gets passed on to the taxpayers.

It’s unclear how widespread this treatment is and what range of products are being targeted.  The victim in this particular fleecing spoke under the condition of anonymity and feared they might face repercussions for speaking out.  Perhaps a full-scale RICO investigation is necessary to determine how these fees were enabled.

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In an interesting turn of events, it turns out that some of these medications might even be expired since the military has been saving money by pushing medications past their FDA approved expiration date.  This isn’t horribly alarming so long as the pills are closely monitored – if the medication is left to sit for too long it will eventually denature.  There just seem to be so many moving parts malfunctioning in this system and it needs a swift and thorough overhaul.

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