WHOA! Matt Lauer Had Sex With UNCONSCIOUS Woman- Look What Else He Did… THROW HIM IN PRISON!


It’s safe to say that the news of NBC “Today” host Matt Lauer getting canned from the network after reports of “inappropriate sexual behavior” left a lot of people shocked as the action and accusations against him hit at the same time.

Given the mass cleansing that seems to be going down in the entertainment industry with all of these directors, producers, and actors getting nailed for harassment, abuse, and rape, it’s not surprising that NBC wanted to stand out from the pack and actually look like they were doing something about the creeps in their midst.


Well, according to Fox News, what Lauer is being accused of doing is pretty dang horrible, and if true, means he deserves to be tossed in the clink for a long, long time.

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Allegedly, Lauer called a female employee to his office, where he locked the door and sexually assaulted her so viciously that she ended up unconscious. Horrific, isn’t it?


The victim spoke with the New York Times, anonymously, stating the incident happened back in 2001 and that she was in her 40s when it occurred.

Laurer was reportedly sitting at his desk when the victim entered and took a seat in his office. She stated that he used a button on his desk to lock the door and asked her to take off her shirt. She complied with the request, and after this is when things got pretty bad.


Laurer apparently approached the woman, bent her over his desk, and had sex with her. During intercourse, the victim claims to have passed out and woke up some time later on the floor. He had an assistant escort her to see a nurse.

The victim says Laurer never spoke to her of the incident and she then left NBC a year later.

This particular incident has also been corroborated by the woman’s ex-husband who says he remembers the encounter. The couple reportedly separated in 2001, but are now divorced.

Edmund DeMarche has more information:

The Times report said NBC received at least two more complaints about Lauer after the network announced he was fired prior to Wednesday’s “Today” broadcast.

“While it is the first complaint about his behavior in the over 20 years he’s been at NBC News, we were also presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident,” Andrew Lack, chairman of NBC News, wrote in a memo to staff.

Meanwhile, an NBC staffer approached executives about an incident that allegedly occurred with Lauer during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

The intern allegedly provided a photo “which was a major part of the evidence which is why the firing came so quickly.” It “was so damning that they had no other option but to fire him,” a source told the New York Post. The photo “showed incontrovertible proof of inappropriate sexual behavior on his part.”

With photographic proof, it’s hard to deny what happened and it was likely a good move on the part of NBC to take such swift action and part ways with Lauer, showing that they take such matters with the utmost seriousness.

It’s tragic to see so many women victimized by guys like Lauer and it’s equally sad to see well known public figures and entertainers succumb to their dark desires and throw their careers away by hurting innocent people.

Let’s hope Lauer continues to be held accountable for his actions.


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