MAD DOG Mattis Shocks Reporters At Pentagon With Announcement After N. Korea LAUNCHES ICBM Missile


Defense Secretary Jim Mattis stressed Thursday that the Trump administration is focused on diplomatic efforts to deal with North Korea’s launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile and does not believe the country’s new missile capability will lead to war.


“I do not believe this capability in itself brings us closer to war, because the president’s been very clear, the secretary of state has been very clear that we are leading with diplomatic and economic efforts,” Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon on Thursday.

He repeatedly said that the Trump administration will use diplomacy first in dealing with North Korea’s new ICBM capability. Though he noted that the U.S. military stands ready “to provide options if they’re necessary, but this is purely diplomatically led, with economic sanctions and reinforced by the military position, that we’re taking right now.”

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When Asked about such diplomatic efforts, which have so far proved unsuccessful in containing North Korea’s missile program, Mattis referred to comments made yesterday by Gen. Vince Brooks, the commander of U.S. troops in South Korea, reports.


“Diplomacy has not failed,” Mattis said. “As Gen. Brooks said it so well, it is our self-restraint that has prevented war in the face of provocations.”


“As Winston Churchill put it, it’s better to jaw-jaw than war-war,” said Mattis.

Mattis said that Trump “maintains military options for the commander in chief and works in accordance with our whole government effort.”

“Obviously, any kind of effort by North Korea to start a war would lead to severe consequences,” Mattis added.

He echoed Trump’s comments, saying, “We don’t set red lines. We deal with reality. And we’ll deal with any reality, and we have the capability to do so, in league with our allies. And right now that effort is being led by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.”

Here is what I have taken from our administration when it comes to North Korea:

There are talks happening on a multitude of levels from people with a much higher pay grade than mine not to mention the talks with other nations, all covering North Korean threat.

Clearly the process takes time to cover all tactical contingencies as well as all diplomatic solutions, which SECDEF Mattis and SECSTATE Tillerson are heading.   Both are no nonsense, neither are political boot licker’s and they know the cost of kinetic action in human lives as well as gold currency.

With a multitude of mixed messages as well as posturing, we face a situation in which we either wait for North Korea to strike 1st or go on the aggressive side and take Kim Jong Un out.

All of the players at the table, China and Russia being the main 2, brings a level of difficulty to the whole conflict.  Japan is on edge and South Korea has already begun taking measures for their civilians to prepare for a military confrontation.

When you look at the broad spectrum of the conflict, we see a storm that could go catastrophic in a hurry.  What is clear, is that SECDEF Mattis will not tip his hand and give away what is being drawn out to put an end to the storm.

To me, Mattis is simply saying that the ICBM cannot bring us closer to war, because we are already there. Food for thought.


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