WATCH: Maxine Waters SLIPS UP Live On NATIONAL Television- Drops Trump BOMBSHELL


One of President Trump’s harshest critics and one of the most militant in calling for his impeachment despite little to no evidence to support doing so,  has even been forced to acknowledge that she has yet to actually see evidence of any Russian collusion.

In a Thursday interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Cal) went through her usual diatribe calling for President Trump’s impeachment.  She made her normal vague allegations of cooperation between the Trump campaign and Kremlin “in developing a strategy about how they could ensure that Hillary Clinton was not elected.”


I am talking about strategies that were developed, working with the Trump campaign. I really do believe that much of what you saw coming out of Trump’s mouth was a play from Putin’s playbook.”

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But after a two-minute diatribe, the Democrat was forced to acknowledge that she has yet to actually see evidence of collusion.

Waters is the Queen of Gaffes – some of her greatest hits are —


She didn’t know the name of Trump’s chief of staff.

“Let me just say this, Mike Preibus…”

When she told reporters that Russia invaded Korea.

“The fact that he is wrapping his arms around Putin while Putin is continuing to advance into Korea.”

When she called Trump and his aides a bunch of ‘scumbags.’

“This is a bunch of scumbags. That’s what they are.”

Waters revealed her greatest desire.

“And my greatest desire is to lead him right into impeachment.”

 She referred to Trump as a dictator.

“People are not gonna take this new president who thinks he’s a dictator.”

Her hope that Trump’s presidency is cut short.

“Well, I hope he’s not there for four years.”

 How she gives President Trump no respect.

“I won’t rejoice in him being the president, I don’t honor him, and so I did not go to that inauguration. Never intended to go to it.”

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