BREAKING: Maxine Waters To Run For President? Here’s What We Know


It seems no matter how much the left wants to win the next presidential race, they hate President Trump more.  Enter Mad Maxine Waters and claims that she is considering a bid for the 2020 presidential election. There is even a Facebook page set up in her honor called Maxine Waters 2020. Her bid for the presidency would be nothing less than party suicide ensuring another four years with a Trump White House.  Though come to think of it the Democratic party does know an awful lot about Hillary Clinton…..but I digress.

Mad Maxine has been relentless in her no holds barred attack on President Trump since his election, calling for impeachment before President Trump even took office based off of little more than her fanciful notions that the Russians made Americans vote for Trump.


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The California Democrat is scheduled to headline the Strafford County Democratic Party’s annual picnic in New Hamshire on Sunday, according to the party’s website. The invitation describes Waters as “one of the most powerful women in American politics today.”


Yeah and I think someone roofied their Kool Aid….

Mad Maxine has apparently been adopted as the face of the millennial generation where facts do not live and only feelings matter. In April, Salon Editor-at-Large D. Watkins a self-identified millennial published an article in which he provided 5 reasons “why Maxine Waters should be our next president”

“Maxine understands the people,” Watkins said as his #5 reason.


“Number 4, Maxine Waters has an amazing reputation of being a fearless, outspoken advocate for women, the poor, children, people of color — pretty much everybody that was left out of the Trump campaign,” he said.

Watkins said #3 is because of her opposition to the war in Iraq.

“That’s something that (Hillary) Clinton, (George W.) Bush, (Donald) Trump, (John) McCain, all of those people couldn’t really figure out,” he said.

Watkins said Waters “loves the Millennials and we love her back,” he said.

His justification was that Waters’ is “learning our language and using the internet.”

Watkins’ number one reason?

“She’s not afraid to attack the right,” he said.

“These are tough times and in tough times we need a tough leader,” Watkins said. “That’s why I nominate Maxine Waters to be our next president.”

Yeah that Kool Aid has DEFINITELY been roofied…

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Interesting to note and actual FACTUAL information which Watkins seems to be short on over there at Salon, despite Waters….ahem….presidential aspirations, elections are not free and to my knowledge, she is not in possession of a money tree. Her offers are actually nearly empty due to a $100,000 debt to her own daughter, Karen Waters, who ran an endorsement mailer operation for Mad Maxine’s reelection bid in her California Senatorial race. Since 2006 Mad Maxine’s daughter has pulled more than $600,000 from her mother’s campaigns since 2006 to manage election mailers that endorse politicians who pay the congresswoman for her support, according to a review of campaign finance records.

Despite Mad Maxine having a loud mouth and therefore being given a platform to speak as a self-proclaimed “leader of the resistance” and the Millennials endorsement of her, she has actually only received a little over $20,000 in individual contributions to her campaign this year.

Mad Maxine’s campaign committee known as Citizens for Waters only reported a mere $12,600 in individual contributions during the second quarter of this year.  Even lower for the first quarter, the committee received a mere $9,508.79 in individual contributions.  That’s a paltry sum of $22,108.79 in individual contributions in 2017.

How is this crazy broad continuing to get elected you might ask?

 The campaign is relying heavily on contributions from political action committees reporting $2,500 from PACs during the first quarter and $99,500 during the second quarter.

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