Mayor Refuses To Remove BLM Banner… Group Of Vets Hang Their Own EPIC Banner In Response


Somerville, Massachusetts war veterans who are fed up with protests over the controversial “Black Lives Matter” banner that has been hanging above City Hall for more than a year and their mayor’s refusal to take it down have taken action by hanging their own banner over their American Legion Post. Their EPIC banner reads- “ALL LIVES MATTER!”

Hell yeah! White Lives Matter too!


“We seen what went on with City Hall. We’re not happy about it,” post Commander Dave Chamberlain told Jordan Frias at the Boston Herald yesterday, hours after the big blue banner went up. “We’re not knocking Black Lives Matter. We’re not knocking anybody … We don’t care about your color. We don’t care about where you come from — all lives matter.”

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Photo credit Chris Christo

Chamberlain made it cleat that the decision to hang the banner was a non-political response to Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone’s refusal to replace the “Black Lives Matter” banner hanging outside City Hall with one reading “All Lives Matter.”


“It’s something I felt I had to do,” Chamberlain said. “We don’t care about color. We don’t care about nationality. Yes, we’re sick about the police officers being shot (and) we don’t like seeing black kids getting shot by cops … We’re not political. We don’t want to be. We’ve got to make a statement. 
Everybody matters.”

Members of police unions from several communities — including Somerville — gathered outside City Hall last month to protest the city’s refusal to remove the “Black Lives Matter” sign. In a statement issued days before the protest, Somerville Police Employees Association president Michael McGrath said it was irresponsible for the city to declare support for the lives of one segment of the population “to the exclusion of others including police officers.”

Mark Killoren, the post’s junior vice commander, said the new banner represents what it means to be a veteran.

“In the military we’re all green. Everybody who served their country, their color was the same,” Killoren said. “When you were in a foxhole, you didn’t give a (expletive) what color they were. They’re saving your life. That sign is going to stay up on the post.”

Wilmot Proviso at Conservative Tribune adds that in spite of this, Mayor Curtatone wasn’t planning on backing down anytime soon.

“It is violence that tests us in every community, demanding we either come together, or break apart, and let me be clear: Communities cannot sit this conversation out,” Curtatone was quoted as saying.

The mayor has an interesting definition of the word “conversation.” He’s refused to talk with police officers who have expressed dismay that the city that trusts them to put their lives on the line to keep their citizens safe would turn around and put up a sign tacitly accusing them of being violent, abusive racists.

“The banner implies that Somerville police officers are somehow responsible for racially motivated decision-making against minorities,”  Somerville Police Employees Association president Michael McGrath said, according to WWLP.

By “conversation,” what the mayor really means is that the left talks and everyone who disagrees with them listens to why they’re wrong. The arrogance is simply mind-bending.

[H/T The Daily Caller]


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