WHOA! Trump-Bashing Mayor Of San Juan BUSTED In MASSIVE Scandal


Confusion, chaos, and turmoil continues to reign supreme across the island of Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria. The small island was already in the midst of a financial crisis prior to being slammed during the height of hurricane season and is in desperate need of assistance from Washington.

People are hurting and without even the basic necessities for survival, yet rather than cooperate with the Trump administration to assist people in need, the Mayor of San Juan has used this catastrophe as a springboard to relentlessly attack President Trump’s relief efforts.


Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz is the extreme left-leaning mayor of San Juan and has been a loud and vocal critic of President Trump and his administration’s attempts to help. There has been a constant and steady outcry from the media proclaiming to one and all that President Trump does not care, is racist for not helping, or that his help is somehow not enough. Meanwhile, from a neighboring town of Guaynabo Mayor Angel Perez Otero said that in several meetings with FEMA and U.S. military officials about the recovery effort, Yulin Cruz has been conspicuously absent. “I’ve seen other mayors participating. She’s not,” said Perez Otero.

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So it seems Cruz has become a part of the problem rather than a part of the solution all while colluding with violent radical political activist groups and diverting some $20,000 in state funds to their cause. Very vocal in her lack of support and respect for the current administration, Cruz has used her position of power and influence to spread political messages and sow dissent during this time of crisis. In her efforts to do so, Cruz directed state funding to a group called “Call to Action” who organized a violent protest against United States involvement in Puerto Rico.

Call to Action organized an event to protest against the United States involvement with the excessively unbalanced Puerto Rican budget. This event naturally turned violent as paid political activists engaged in organized violence designed to antagonize the opposition much in line with groups such as Black Lives Matter or Antifa. Rather than attempting to discuss and resolve issues, Cruz assisted groups that resort to violence, using unrest and turmoil as an impetus for their agenda.


According to other Puerto Ricans, Cruz’s involvement with relief efforts have been described as problematic and unhelpful. Many describe her as a political hack who appears to only work in front of the camera more concerned with votes and her own personal political agenda than with the betterment of the people she was elected to serve. It seems the corruption did not stop with the $20,000 either.  It has also been revealed that Cruz approved some $10 million in Christmas bonuses to her staff all while Puerto Rico itself suffers from a massive and crippling deficit.

It seems Cruz serves herself and those willing to help keep her in power to continue to fleece the public coffers and she continues to use her position during this traumatic event to further push her radical agenda. Many have made similar accusations against the mayor of Houston, Texas during the relief effort for Hurricane Harvey.

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Some are now calling for Cruz to be recalled due to the growing belief that she is using her position to make fatten her personal bottom line and that of her friends while using politics and her personal biases to harm the people of Puerto Rico rather than help. A local police officer even called into a Latino radio station on the island to express his frustration in how Cruz was actually hurting Puerto Ricans by withholding food and supplies in an effort to create some sort of media frenzy and political stunt.  It was his belief that Cruz is refusing to work with others or help anyone unless it was in some way beneficial to her personally.  He expressed that she didn’t seem to comprehend that people were in need and this was not about her.

Many Puerto Ricans are quickly coming to the realization that recovery efforts that are being spearheaded by President Trump and the United States are being hindered by leftists like Mayor Cruz, using misinformation to spread a message of resistance and illegitimacy to the people of the world about what is actually happening on the little island. Cruz is manipulating the press for political reasons, hindering rescue and relief efforts for political reasons, using tax dollars to provide bonuses for her staff – Wall Street bankers anyone? –  and diverting additional tax dollars to a protest group for political reasons – Soros anyone? – all while occupying an elected office. She has committed despicable, malicious acts worthy of nothing short of prosecution. The woman has no shame!!

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