Mitch McConnell Makes Announcement That Actually For Once You Will Agree With

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By Duncan Smith at The National Sentinel


How about Noooo?

You see those folks in the picture?

Those are Democrat lawmakers.

You know what they’re doing?


They’re having a ‘sit-in.’  Yes, that’s right, a ‘sit-in’.

That photo is circa June 2016. Democrats staged a sit-in for 26 hours to “protest” a lack of action on gun control.

These morons resorted to a juvenile 1960s-style technique that was frequently used on college campuses to disrupt the normal function of society in order to get their way.

That awesome display of pettiness and stupidity ultimately didn’t work; majority Republicans simply waited them out and then got back to the business of thwarting Barack Obama during his last few months in office.

Nothing much has changed with the Petty Party since then. They are just as juvenile, just as disruptive, just as divisive.

And now they’re moving to rule America for the rest of her days with legislation that even moved Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to criticize it.

Fox News has more:

House Democrats are engaged in a new push to pass comprehensive legislation this month they say is aimed at strengthening voting rights, fighting voter suppression and gerrymandering, and restricting the use of “dark money” in federal politics.

Republicans, however, have said during previous attempts to bring the legislation to a vote that it would give the federal government even more power in deciding the people’s representation.

House Resolution 1, or the “For The People Act”, is sponsored by Rep. John Sarbanes, D-Md., and co-sponsored by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif.

In a statement on his House webpage, Sarbanes said the 2020 Election made his legislation even more important, claiming American voters were forced to “overcome rampant voter suppression, gerrymandering and a torrent of special-interest dark money just to exercise their vote and their voice in our democracy.”

Let’s stop right here: What a load of BS.

More Americans (we are told) voted this election cycle than in any previous election cycle in the history of the country. So if we are to believe that, then there is no way that Sabanes’ statement is true.

Moving on:

H.R. 1 would ensure “automatic” voter registration, require states to allow same-day voter registration on Election Day, and take aim at what are often Republican efforts to “purge” voter rolls of alleged inconsistencies and disparities, such as a recent exercise in Georgia that resulted in a contentious court battle.

Stopping here, again, to ask a question: What the hell happened to Fox News? There were no “alleged” disparities in Georgia voter registration rolls, there were real disparities — as in, tens of thousands of people listed as voters in districts where they no longer lived (either because they had moved or died). And oh, by the way, under the 1993 ‘Motor Voter’ law, it is a federal requirement for counties to keep current voter rolls so that, you know, fraud is less likely.

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Anyway, here’s more on this crap legislation from Phill Kline at Real Clear Politics:

HR 1 would codify the very practices — many of them currently illegal in most states — that created widespread irregularities in the 2020 elections and contributed greatly to public mistrust of the electoral process. In 2020, state and local officials used the COVID-19 pandemic as justification to ignore or deliberately violate state election laws. If HR 1 is enacted, they won’t need any such excuse in 2022 because the states will have no choice but to implement policies such as legalized ballot harvesting, early voting, and universal mail-in voting, as well as repeal of voter ID laws, signature-matching laws, and other ballot security measures. 

For example, HR 1 would allow ballot harvesting on steroids. Voters would — for the first time — have the ability to print out their ballots at home, creating a gaping security hole that could easily be exploited by either domestic or foreign interests. The legislation also allows third parties to collect ballots from an unlimited number of absentee voters and submit them through ballot drop boxes, dramatically increasing the risk that vulnerable Americans could be bullied, bribed, or blackmailed for their votes without the protection of election workers. 

Under the rules outlined in HR 1, election observers wouldn’t even be able to challenge the legitimacy of ballots without written documentation, making it virtually impossible to document or detect election irregularities. 

Nothing in this legislation could plausibly be interpreted as a means of restoring public confidence in our elections — but the reforms establish a clear roadmap to one-party rule. This is especially so when you consider the new proposals for the war on ‘domestic terror’ aimed directly at the free expression of American citizens. 

How bad is this legislation? McConnell calls it the “Democrat Politician Protection Act.”

For once, he’s right.

The Constitution grants the power to supervise federal elections to the states, not the 1960s protesters in the Democrat-controlled Congress.

This article was written by Duncan Smith at The National Sentinel.

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God Bless.

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