ALERT: Before You Bite Into That QUARTER POUNDER, You’ll Need To See THIS!

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McDonald’s, which actually was edible back in the 60s has come up with an incredible idea that is guaranteed to take the world by storm. Well, not really. They have announced that they are testing the use of FRESH BEEF! 

WHAT A NOVEL IDEA! Unbelievable…

Basically, the fast food franchise is testing the use of fresh, never frozen beef for its Quarter Pounder hamburgers in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Now, while I applaud this bold move I have to say that this is nothing new.

In the good old days here in America this is how it was done.

Fresh. Nice. And tasty!

FOX reports that the fast food giant says the tests are being carried out in 75 of its restaurants.It says Quarter Pounders in the restaurants will be made with fresh beef that’s cooked when ordered.

Well, who wants crap that was pre-cooked and then thrown into a microwave in the first place?

And the people that are doing this want $15 an hour?

Come on now. Look, a good fast food chef should make a good salary but people throwing garbage in a bag and getting the order wrong deserve to be fired.

It’s like, dude- I said no pickles and no onions on my burger. I got ONLY PICKLES AND ONIONS YOU LOSER! AND IT’S FRICKING STALE AND COLD! IT’S GARBAGE!

Anyways, McDonald’s says it got positive feedback recently from a similar test in the Dallas/Fort Worth-area.

McDonald’s says it has making “significant enhancements” to its food.

Bro, this isn’t a “significant enhancement”, it’s how food is supposed to be prepared and served.

The company is trying to stage a comeback after losing customers in recent years, with executives conceding they failed to keep up with changing tastes.

Changing tastes? So for a while there we all wanted frozen meat and pre made garbage?


Look. I get it. We have way more people in our country than we want or need. So you people have to do what it takes to keep up with the pace to feed the population.

The bottom line is that we are way OVER POPULATED.

Kick out the scumbags that don’t belong here and then we can all enjoy FRESH BURGERS!

Hell yeah. What a brilliant idea.

Let’s start with Islamist terrorists and illegal aliens.

Then we can work on the entire liberal population.

Sometimes I amaze myself.


God Bless.



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