WATCH: Woman Unwraps McDonald’s Burger, Gets HORRIFIC Surprise IMMEDIATELY

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McDonald’s actually use to be good back in the good old days. But now? They are horrible. They can’t get a simple order correct- you ask for no pickles and what do you get? Pickles… Cold fries dumped upside down in the bag, no napkins and little things like that. 

But this article is far worse than some overpaid illegal alien getting your order wrong. Yes folks, this is completely disgusting and I feel the need to expose it.

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Okay- here we go and I hope you didn’t just eat McDonald’s because this is extremely sickening.

A woman in New South Wales, Australia, is claiming she found a little something extra insider her double Quarter Pounder- a whole mess of maggots squirming around in her meat… Gross!

Eager to share her repulsion with other “Maccas” customers, Yasmine Batur posted footage of her meal to Facebook on Oct. 2. In the video, Batur zooms in on the corners of her Quarter Pounder box, where there appeared to be maggots squirming around.

“I just sat down to enjoy a double quarter pounder. just bought from mamre rd maccas when I saw all the lovely maggots enjoying it too. how dare they sever this to unsuspecting customers. Michael unfortunately finished his before I seen it and is violently vomiting.”


Check this out!

Posted by Yasmine Batur on domingo, 1 de octubre de 2017


Yuk! Her boyfriend/husband/friend ate the whole burger lmao! That sucks!

That is so gross it’s insane.

“Those little things you’re seeing there are maggots,” she said, before dissecting the burger and zooming in on  the meat, which also appeared to contain maggots. “They’re in the meat patty,” she added.

Batur said she was not only disgusted, but disappointed.

She said, “They wanted the burger back I said it’s in my freeze for evidence I’m going to take this further.”

Doctor is on the way,”she said.

“And the manager said she couldn’t see anything, what is she blind?”

“And we trust McDonald’s probably more than other takeaways, because of its reputation. but now I have seen it with my own eyes and I’m horrified. The manager told me to calm down its not that big a deal to her obviously maybe she has no problem with it but I sure do.”

“Everyone please share my maccers post. I would like to know who else has had this happen, I’m truly upset by the whole thing and the way the manager handled things. as I left they were still serving drive through like nothing happened. I would like to hear about other people experiences with this food chain,” she said.

Terrible! Never macdonalds again!???? one person commented. 

This isn’t the first time McDonald’s served up maggots.

From Daily Mail:

A mother has been left disgusted after finding her three-year-old’s McDonald’s cheeseburger covered in wriggling maggots.

Emmii McHugh said she bought her son a Happy Meal from a store in Maryborough, north of Brisbane, but got a shock when he opened it.

Inside were dozen of tiny white maggots crawling all over the cheeseburger patty – and Ms McHugh didn’t spot them until the little boy had already taken a bite.

A mother was disgusted to find her three-year-old's McDonald's cheeseburger covered in wriggling maggots


‘I’ve just bought a cheeseburger happy meal for my three-year-old and low and behold there are live maggots on and in the meat patty,’ she said.

‘I’m absolutely disgusted. How this can happen baffles me.’

The mother-of-one vowed to pursue the fast food chain over the unpleasant surprise and was already in contact with the store manager.

‘I’ve kept and frozen the product and also have the receipt along with a photo and video. I will be taking this as far as I can,’ she said.

‘I’ll be ringing health and safety first thing in morning. I want the entire stock thrown out. I don’t want another poor kid eating this s**t.’

But although she was furious, Ms McHugh was able to see the funny side of being turned off greasy burgers for the foreseeable future.

‘I’m definitely not eating this c**p again. I’m off fast food now. The upside is I might lose a bit of weight, so it’s some unwanted help on my diet. Thanks Maccas,’ she said

The receipt of Ms McHugh's visit to the store, with the cheeseburger costing $3.05


Of course McDonald’s denies the allegations and are calling thee people LIARS.

We’ll see what happens but you can count on one thing, this reporter won’t be eating that garbage.

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