McDonald’s Puts 4 EPIC Words Next To Nativity Scene… Liberals And Atheists Are FREAKING OUT


Far too often we have seen the good people of America silenced by the liberal progressives, because they would rather be silent than endure the attacks from closed minded liberal fools, it’s sickening! This is why I have taken the time to bring this story to you of a Tennessee McDonald’s who is telling the “perpetually offended” to shove it!

Earlier this holiday season, many declared a “War on Christmas” when Starbucks opted for a red cup that displayed more “quietness” than Christmas. If you plan on visiting a McDonald’s location in Spring Hill, TN that won’t be the case, WZTV reports.

A photo of the McDonald’s located at 5431 Main St. has gone viral because of the Nativity scene painted onto the storefront’s glass with the words “His name is Jesus” and “Rejoice” for all to see.


Drove by and did a double-take. Growing up in the mitten, you would NEVER see this. Tennessee McDonald’s…you made my day. “His name is Jesus”.

Posted by Amy Basel on Monday, 14 December 2015

The photo was posted by Amy Basel on her Facebook page, stating “Drove by and did a double-take. Growing up in the mitten, you would NEVER see this. Tennessee McDonald’s…you made my day. ‘His name is Jesus.'”


WZTV spoke with Gina Wolfe the co-owner of the McDonald’s. She and her husband Tony own three Spring Hill locations, as well as locations in Columbia and Mt. Pleasant. While the scene is just now going viral, Wolfe says this is far from something new.

“It’s a family business which has been owned and operated by my family for 40 years. My dad started this 40 years ago when he had a local art student paint it on his store. My husband and I have been owners for 28 years and we’ve done this or something similar during Christmas each year. I guess with social media, it’s taken off,” Wolfe says.

Sadly in a few months we’ll most likely see a new headline. Local Tennessee McDonalds shut down indefinitely after courts ruled it violated a vegetarian-transgender-African-Muslim’s right to drive by it without having racist Christian propaganda infringing on their rights and religion. We live in a sad and unpleasant society folks.

What’s a really sad commentary on our society is a business who “dares” to display a NATIVITY scene at CHRISTMAS, makes national news. I remember when people of ALL faiths relaxed and embraced Christmas and weren’t “offended” in the least. Let’s not forget the first six letters in Christmas… CHRIST. I don’t understand why any reasonable human being would be offended by a nativity scene. I even have Atheist friends who wish me a Merry Christmas because they respect my faith as I respect them as friends !

If my local McDonalds or any business did this, I would certainly go there more often. This isn’t only about being a Christian, this is about standing against the political correctness that is destroying America. Shake the owner’s hand and say thank you for standing up to the liberal insanity.

God Bless.

(H/T Faith It)


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