BREAKING News Out Of D.C.- Mainstream Media Covering Up Horrific Murder Because Of This One Detail- Here’s The Graphic Video


What you are about to read and watch is a display of violence that most left-wing news outlets will not be reporting on.


Why? Because it doesn’t fit their narrative.

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You see, no White people were involved.

It was a violent crime that involved BLACK criminals so it would be considered racist to report this.

Well, we don’t base our reporting based on race (for the most part.)


Duncan Smith at The National Sentinel has more:

What you are about to see is not only horrific and tragic, it is a symptom of a wider problem — with law enforcement, with leftism, and with our culture.

An Uber Eats driver in Washington, D.C. was caught on video by a bystander trying to prevent two black teenage girls from allegedly stealing his car moments before he was brutally killed after the vehicle sped away.

The girls, ages 13 and 15, were reportedly armed with a stun gun.

They now face a range of felony charges following the death of Mohammad Anwar, 66, a Pakistani immigrant who lived in nearby Springfield, Va. NBC News said Anwar died at a hospital following the traumatic carjacking.

Warning: This is Graphic

Some say this man should have just let these two thugs boost his car and he’d be alive.

That’s not the answer. In fact THAT logic is the problem!

If the driver had a means of protection like say – A FREAKING GUN this could have been prevented.

It could have ended with 2 thugs being shot and the driver would still be alive.

But Blacks are empowered to commit violent crimes, especially in liberal cities because they know they will get a slap on the wrist.

If this were 2 White people that committed this crime it would be all over the Communist controlled media- I guarantee it.

So CNN calls it an ‘accident.’

No  mention of race because the perps weren’t White.

Plain and simple.

We’ve allowed leftist Democrats to turn our society into one that looks the other way or refuses to say the quiet parts out loud.

In this case, we have two black teenage girls stealing the car of a man from southwest Asia who was simply trying to provide for his family and himself.

And we’re not supposed to note the ironies and the hypocrisies.

Come on man!

Here are more tweets from the scene.

From 100 Percent FED Up:

Now, instead of demanding justice for the driver and condemning such actions, radical far-let anti-Trump mayor Muriel Bowser is victim-blaming the Asian immigrant:

What is this- a freaking INFOMERCIAL?

Bowser is a globalist anti-Trump radical who has supported BLM for years.  She has culturally appropriated internationally famous streets after them and painted their mural on the Nations Capitol city while allowing Defunding The Police murals alongside them until political ambitions got in the way.

Our society is sick. Elements of our society are ruining the country for all of us.

If we can’t stand up and point out the obvious, while demanding that we all take part in fixing what’s broken, then the country is already gone.

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God Bless.

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