Media SILENT About What Trump Did To Little Girl He Passed In Hallway… (Video)

Donald Trump has been hammered from day 1 since announcing his bid for president by the left as well as the right. His haters constantly try to paint him as a racist or some kind of villain. Nobody in the media reports all the great things that Donald Trump has done. They portray him as an evil billionaire businessman who is out of touch with us ‘common folks’ but in reality, that is just flat out FALSE.

We have reported on many of the great things Trump has done which show a remarkable side of the man.

He gave children helicopter rides. He flew a critically ill child to a special hospital to be cared for by the best medical specialists when commercial airlines refused to. He helped save a poor woman’s farm from being sold at auction. He came to the aid of a man who was being beaten by a baseball bat.

The list goes on and on. The man has a heart of gold.


And here’s another example of the kind of man Trump is. Watch what Donald Trump does when he sees this young girl with one of his signs!

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Posted by Alden Morrison on Friday, December 18, 2015


How great is that? This is the kind of man we need in the White House. Even with his brutally busy schedule he stops and spends a few moments with this young girl. Yet the media portrays him as some kind of monster.

On the flip-side the media has portrayed Obama as some kind of hero. They worship that failure. They are fooled by his slick BS that he spews. Obama is a liar. He has failed this country miserably. And we are paying the price.

Patriots, it’s time we take our country back from these sick leftists before it’s too late!


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  1. I can carry a pen, sign my name, and ask little girls if they’re rich. Can I be president too?

    • JesseTMims says:

      Jealous much, Tim?

      • Of a man monumentally unqualified for the position he’s running for? Not even a tiny bit, no. Was my sarcasm not apparent?

        • And I bet Tim the douche voted for Obama in the last two elections…………What’s the matter Timmy, afraid he’s going to cut off your welfare check??

          • On the contrary. I’m a white male, early 40’s, great job, make six figures, have about six more years until retirement, and am a proud liberal because I know that having wealth means nothing in a poor country. The economics of the Republican Party, while seemingly good for people like myself (tax breaks for the wealthy – yay!) are hurting America far more than most of you all recognize. I can’t for the life of me understand why middle-class people vote for rich white men who have absolutely zero interest in giving you a living wage. You won’t believe any of what I’ve just written, but take one look at history and you’ll see the patterns emerge. Spreading the wealth (including my own) will make America more prosperous, and therefore I, in turn, will be more prosperous. Now please, continue to tear me apart. I’m enjoying all the erudite arguments posed so far.

        • VikVega!!! says:

          are you talking about the community organizer?

    • Barnard Brown says:

      why not – Obama did it, and if he did it, anyone can. But you have to learn to lie REALLY well. I’m guessing you would have no problem there.

  2. Kris GoldenHeart says:

    most people wouldnt even do that for a child. they’d nod and walk on by. or not aknowledge her at all. I like that he actually took the time out to stop and talk for a bit.

  3. The monsters of the left wing hate Donald, because Obama wants to stay in the white house he thinks by issued Executive orders the fascist fool can do as he pleases. Donald will win this election and everything that scum Obama has done will be over turned as fascist crap.

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