Media Stunned After Hannity Exposes MASSIVE Secret During Trump Interview


As you know by now, Donald Trump rallies have been getting increasingly more violent, largely due to the leftist organizations making an effort to disrupt, protest and cause mayhem. They are all scumbags.

Groups like Black Lives Matter and are paid hate groups that incite violence.

Of course, the mainstream media blames the violence at Trump rallies on his supporters. After all, we are all white supremacists, neo-Nazi’s racists, right? What ignorant idiots.

I, for what am sick of it. And so is FOX News star Sean Hannity.


Hannity was interviewing Trump after the Chicago rally was cancelled due to the violent thugs on the left and commented on a statement that released:

“Mr. Trump and the Republican leaders who support him and his hate-filled rhetoric should be on notice after tonight’s events. These protests are a direct result of the violence that has occurred at Trump rallies and that has been encouraged by Trump himself from the stage.”

Hannity said, “Well, I don’t see any violence at Trump rallies.”

“I’ve been watching and flipping the dial tonight. And somehow people are trying to flip this on you. Some of your competitors and frankly some pretty ignorant so-called journalists have been trying to do this same thing as if you stating your political opinions is responsible for this.”


Check it out.

YouTube video via jim hoft

Some of the “ignorant so-called journalists” Hannity is referring to are on FOX.

Take Megyn Kelly for example. She has been hammering Donald Trump from day one.

Megyn Kelly also placed the blame on Trump for the violence in St. Louis and Chicago.

Check it out.

YouTube video via jim hoft

Look. Let’s be real. The violence at these rallies have nothing to do with his supporters. It has EVERYTHING to do with the mentality on the left-wing Neanderthals. They are mad as hell. But they are mad at the wrong people.

They should be mad at what a failure Obama and the Democratic Party. They should be mad that they supported a Muslim loving liar that promised them Hope and Change and delivered the opposite. Obama has treated African-Americans horribly. Like dirt. He’s done absolutely NOTHING for them.

Many of these so called ‘protesters’ are actually paid agitators supported by the left-wing establishment. Hell, i wouldn’t put it past the right-wing establishment to be backing these domestic terrorists either!

I admire Sean Hannity. He is one of the few good ones over at FOX.

Unbelievable. Let us know what you think in the comments!

God Bless. 


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