Megyn Kelly Makes Major Unexpected Announcement About Show… Twitter EXPLODES



VACATION TIME! After getting hammered for her pathetic ‘performance’ during the GOP debate last week Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly has made a major announcement! She’s suddenly decided to take a ‘much needed’ vacation effective IMMEDIATELY! LMAO!

It’s undoubtedly been a rough week for Kelly, as she’s watched a petition to remove her from the air gain massive support while fielding harsh attacks from Trump and his supporters, and many people are wondering if any of that has to do with the reason she suddenly announced that she’s taking a week-and-a-half vacation from work, effective immediately. The Gateway Pundit reported that Twitter erupted with comments after Kelly’s unexpected announcement, and it wasn’t exactly a good thing for the veteran reporter. (H/T Mad World News)

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Anyways, you get the point. So, she will be on her much needed vacation. Maybe she will come back a Trump supporter lol!


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  1. stay on vacation.

  2. Trump talks to the Big Boss at FOX and Ms Kelly takes a “Vacation”. Interesting.

  3. Barbara Montgomery Norman says:

    I am concerned and bewildered by Ms. Kelly’s ,AND other reporters , offence of Donald Trump. Sure he says controversial things, but the world is filled with people that do that. BUT when a candidate straddles the fence, so to speak, like the Jeb Bushes of the world they eat up every word they say, like it is gospel! Trump has the guts to say plainly what the majority of conservatives are feeling. He is not my pick, but I feel the same way he does. Megan Kelly should have a thicker skin than that to worry about what a person says about a third party. Not good journalism !

  4. Her show is boring it’s sandwiched between two behemoths.
    Make sure you record Hannity and others and turn off Fox so there are no more false ratings.

  5. Nancy nathanson says:

    Trump needs to grow thicker skin. He whins to much to be taken seriously. He is used to everyone agreeing with him, regardless if he is right or wrong. He can’t take the heat of being questioned. And just once, I would have liked to hear him answer a question directly and not side-step like a true politician.

    Not a big MK fan either so both are egotistical in my book. But she is not running for office….he is….big diffetence.

    • Nick Barkas says:

      I think you might have a hearing problem. Good questions have been answered by him or in statements made public. Trouble is the press wants to control the dialogue with meaningless and selective questions that support their own PC agenda.

  6. “Debates matter. A good debate performance can take someone from the back of the pack to the front of the pack.” — Megyn Kelly. So, exactly how does it feel to be RUNNING FROM THE PACK Kelly? #WhatMegynKellyWillLearnDuringVacation

  7. Theo van Rossum says:

    Leave her alone, you bloodthirsty idiots! She did the right thing and Donald Trump is a rude loudmouth, nothing else.

  8. Otter58701 says:

    Take a permanent vacation you Liberal twat waffle.

  9. JamesRich10 says:

    FoxNews believes the viewers memory is a week and a half. FoxNews is wrong. Find a replacement.

  10. megan we don’t want you to be a cheerleader for the Trumpinator, but we expect FAIR and BALANCED treatment. It was quite obvious to all except the rehtardz that the fix was in against Trump. But he’s not a punching bag like McCain. The Dems are petrified, this is looking like McGovern all over again. They encouraged pathetic Bernie Sanders to run, thinking he’d be a pushover, and it’s backfired.

  11. ……….she got what she deserved, I always though her to one cut above all the other reporters. what a big let down for me. there is an opening at my household between 9 & 10 during the week for a good news program…………….cheers

  12. after
    going straight to Trumps juggler !!! Why didn’t they start the debate
    by asking Christie about bridge gate,or Jeb Bush about amnesty and
    common core or him having dinner with Murdock and Iranian born top
    advisor of Obama’s Valerie Jarrett ! Hmm ! ,or Rand Paul about the
    criminal investigation of him and his dad , and just recently Carly
    Fiorina. Now that she’s
    going after the Muslim vote,She praised their contributions to civilization, of which
    aren’t too many , how about Ben Carson Claims He and Al Sharpton “Have
    the Same Goal” All the commentators rambled and kept asking gotcha
    questions,instead of asking what they would do to fix things. ” So as I
    see it !! ”
    career politicians have had their chance on many occasions to change
    things and repair America !! BUT THEY HAVEN’T !! now they talk on
    subjects because of Trump’s stand on issues !! and show me one
    politician who ever stated they take or give donations for favors !
    they all do but you never heard one state it to the country , Trump did ,
    and as far as war on women lol look at what women say about men ! I
    never did care for Trump personally but Trump ! opened up a huge can of
    worms !! and started the fire ! and these worms are pissed off and
    crawling in their own waste of past failures !! Hell the entire
    political movement is scared ! Stranger things have happened in
    presidential elections …. Barack Obama got elected right?
    Hell Americans need to reclaim America from the corrupt lying leaders of today ! we the people need to wage war on this entire corrupt administration and remove all career criminal politicians of all parties ! Show me one politician that is under an oath to back , support , defend the Constitution and our laws as they make promises for the country and for the LEGAL people that actually does ! No ! they all bow down for a personal gain and profit as they all thread , tread , manipulate , lie , divide , spread hate and dis-honor the oath taken ! ALL for power , greed and a ladder to climb as the rest of us fall victim to their lies and deceits ! this current entire administration proves that true ! God Help
    America !! Opps !! am I still permitted to state that ???? New blood !!
    and a change we might really need , an American for America Trump is far from perfect ! but show me anyone current that is !

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