Melania Trump BAILS- She’s GONE…


Our wonderful first lady Melania Trump has gone through 6 years or more enduring the non-stop attacks against her husband (and herself and family) but there’s one thing that she has done which takes character, dedication and strength- SHE STANDS FOR HER MAN!

That’s something my ex-wife failed to do but that’s a whole different story!?

Throughout YEARS of relentless attacks against PRESIDENT TRUMP that is exactly what she has done.

Folks, Melania is a strong, intelligent as well as extremely beautiful woman who sets a standard the RINOS and Trump hating ‘NEVER TRUMPER’ spineless Republicans should take note of, admire and should learn a lesson from.


Instead many Republicans fall for this bull*shit that comes from Soros backed DA’s, Prosecutors, Judges, Leftwing media, and many others.

It has been a full blown witch hunt non-stop attack against Trump from day one.

Make no mistake- Melania Trump is an extremely strong woman to go through this hailstorm of HATRED against her husband.

The same goes for the entire Trump family.

These people have been and still are going through unprecedented attacks for over 6 years even though PRESIDENT TRUMP made America GREAT again during his 4 years in office- it should have been 8 years but we all know the 2020 election was completely corrupt and stolen by the DEEP STATE.

Now we have a demented pile of garbage who’s main goals are turning babies into transsexuals’ and chocolate chip ice cream.?


Anthony Smith at Patriot United News has more:

One cannot help but feel for Melania Trump.

The poor woman had to live through his so-called scandals before, and she is reliving it again.

While Donald Trump hopes to make a spectacle if he is indicted, Melania Trump has gone a different route.

Not Too Excited

There are rumors coming from inside Trump’s camp that he wants to be indicted.

He wants to be arrested, tossed in jail, etc., he wants the full works so Americans can see the weaponization of the Biden regime in action.

This is very stressful so Melania is laying low which at this point is what she should do.

Of course this has to be hard on Trump’s youngest son.

How would you like to see your father being shackled, handcuffed, perp-walked and being relentlessly attacked day after day after day?

It has to be hard and probably will have long lasting psychological effects on the young man.

Frankly it’s EVIL!

A family friend stated, “She wants to be away from it. She wants to protect [their son] Barron.

“Melania is lying very low.

“She [reportedly] hasn’t been coming out for the dinners and events at Mar-a-Lago.

“He is acting like everything is normal, but she hasn’t been social.”

Yeah, a family friend says this?

Got names?

I don’t buy it personally but some are reporting this as ‘fact.’

The Bragg/ Stormy ‘Horseface’ Daniels case itself against Trump is completely weak, but there is definitely some damage being done here.

That’s their goal.


These people are delusional.

Another day- another baseless WITCH-HUNT.

PRESIDENT TRUMP will be exonerated of all charges and WILL be the next PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!.



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