Melania Trump Not ‘Presidential?’ Look How Michelle Obama DISRESPECTED The Office… On Video

As Donald Trump’s campaign continues to build momentum, his opposition has been going as low as to say his wife isn’t “presidential” enough to be First Lady. However, they may want to have a look at what Michelle Obama was caught doing on Tuesday, since it’s not exactly what you would think someone in the White House would be doing.

While Melania Trump has handled herself with grace, elegance, and poise throughout the campaign trail, she’s still been the brunt of some fierce criticism for her past work, including posing nude for a magazine spread. However, in her day-to-day activities, Melania has shown nothing but class, even as criticism of her and her husband have reached fever pitch.

Those most critical of Melania use Nancy Reagan, wife of former President Ronald Reagan, as the reason people should look at not just the candidates, but their significant others as well. But oddly enough, they’ve been noticeably silent about the current First Lady, even though there’s no shortage of material to criticize her about, including the time she mocked a salute to our Flag.

However, the most recent incident causing people to raise their eyebrows is how Michelle chose to honor International Women’s Day. Of all the activities she could have chosen to participate in, she apparently reached back to her roots in Chicago and busted out a can of spray paint to do a little tagging on a brick wall.


No, seriously. She did.

TMZ is reporting that the “First Lady” was spotted in D.C. with a graffiti artist named Mr. Brainwash, and the two proceeded to tag away in front of a group of little girls in honor of the Let Girls Learn movement for adolescent women. How presidential.

Check out the video below:


The most common comment on the video is that while Michelle was obviously in a place where graffiti was allowed, what kind of message is it sending to youths who may not realize that? They see the First Lady of the United States with a can of spray paint in her hand tagging a wall, and what’s to stop them from thinking that because she did it, it’s okay for them to go out and vandalize things.

Melania Trump Not ‘Presidential?’ Check Out What Michelle Obama Was Caught Doing On Video

Image credit: TMZ

Regardless, there’s numerous ways she could have commemorated International Women’s Day, but the manner in which she chose to do so isn’t exactly the most “presidential.” Meanwhile, Melania Trump has shown nothing but class since being thrust into the spotlight, yet she’s being blasted for things that happened decades ago. Unreal.

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