Melania Trump To VACATE Washington D.C. Immediately After Inauguration Weekend- Here’s Why

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Throughout President Trump’s inauguration festivities our new first lady stood strong and proud by her husband’s side as did the whole Trump family. They all walked part of the parade route, unafraid or the leftist thugs that were smashing windows, rioting and creating as much chaos as possible in protest of… whatever the hell they are protesting. 

But our First Lady will be rushed away out of D.C. as soon as the festivities are finished. But why?

Because she has “Mom work” to do!

Sources connected with the soon-to-be First Lady tell us, Melania wants life for her son to be as normal as possible, and that includes keeping him in school and in his daily routine, TMZ reports.

We’re told she will go back and forth from NYC to D.C. until June, when she and Barron will move full-time into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Barron will start school there in September.

As one source put it, “She takes the mom thing seriously.”

Melania wants her 10-year-old son to be “as normal as possible.”

Amanda Shea at Freedom Daily reports that while Melania looks forward to her prestigious role in the White House, it’s only secondary to being a mother. Our respectable First Lady will only be in town for the rest of the festivities on Friday and Saturday but will head back home to New York City on Sunday with Barron, as Monday is a school day. Her controversial decision to stay at Trump Tower until the school year has ended is only going to reignite an argument among her detractors now that she’s leaving the new president’s side to make sure their son transitions to Washington smoothly.

Without realizing it, Melania’s commitment to her family is her true platform as the First Lady, as she restores the importance of parenting by her own example. This is what’s been missing in the White House for eight years as Michelle Obama only wanted to tell other people how to parent and change what they eat in school, but seemed to have different priorities for her own daughters, allowing them to live a Hollywood life at a very young age.

We are going to see great things in our country now that the Obama’s are GONE.

Now the work begins!

And we have the right man in position.

Happy days are here again!

God Bless! 

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