Mexican Man Sees People TRASHING Trump’s Hollywood Star… Takes Immediate Action By Doing THIS


*America’s Freedom Fighters EXCLUSIVE*

Donald Trump has gotten SLAMMED by the left, the right and the media for his tough stance on the problems that America is experiencing thanks to the absurd policies of Barack Hussein Obama. Trump has been called a racist but in reality, he is a realist.

We can’t allow people to come into our country without following the procedures that are in place. It’s simple really but Obama has no respect for the Constitution. Well, Donald J. Trump does.

I hooked up with a Trump fan and he is of Mexican descent. His name is John Anthony Arroyo and he really nails it on his Facebook post which has garnered over 7000 views at the time I am writing this. Well my brother, expect that number to grow real soon! 

Arroyo understands the problem of illegal immigration and obviously has a deep love for Mexico. And he also is a patriot. This is absolutely awesome.

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Here is his post in its entirety:


So I went to Hollywood today and I found Donald Trumps Star on the Walk of Fame…There it was, someone had dropped an Ice Cream on it and smeared it all over his Star.

So I literally found 2 bottles of water close by someone had abandoned, all by themselves, waiting for me to take them. So I took them and washed off his Star and posed for this Photo.(BTW its A crime to vandalize public property, just like its a crime to enter this Country illegally, but they don’t respect American laws.)

A crowd gathered around me, and everyone laughed and mocked me, and some looked afraid to agree with me. I believe everyone has the right to a good Life, Food and Shelter is a human right, we should all have Worldwide.



John Anthony Arroyo‎ after washing off Trump’s Hollywood star. Photo used by permission from Arroyo.

Poverty is what makes people come here illegally. I am of Mexican descent, and I want the best for my people. Running from Mexico is not the best for my people.This election is not about Race, its about the future of our Country.

5000 illegal aliens enter the USA everyday. There is such a thing as becoming overpopulated and drowning the economy. Give jobs back to Americans. True we all come from immigrants, but that was 200 , 100 years ago, even 5 years ago. Laws need to change with the times.

200 years ago we were building a Nation. Today we are fully populated. We must protect our Borders and regulate our population. Even China only allows 2 children per family. This has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with protecting their Economy. It’s time for The Mexican Government to be responsible for its People. They receive $400 million in Foreign Aid- where does that money go?

Create EBT programs for your people Mexico! Fix Mexico! You cannot fix a problem by running from it.

Again, I love this guy. He absolutely nails it here.

During our interview with John we got to learn a lot about him. In fact, he is a very talented musician as well as a patriot. He is a producer/song writer/artist that is actually VERY good.

Have a listen to this!

Libtube removed the video for no reason.

YouTube video via John Arroyo

Nice! Sweet R&B groove going.

Here is a link to more of his music which is quite good. If you are in the industry and you are NOT a liberal then contact John and cut a record deal with him. He deserves it!

The link is DADDY DUKE!

Again, I like this guy. He gets it. He’s ready to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

God Bless.

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