WHOA! 1000’s Of Mexicans STORM And Trash The Hell Out Of Walmart Stores… Here’s What We Know

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Mexicans have stormed at least 250 stores including Walmarts looting and destroying the stores. The Mexicans are pissed off that gas prices rose 20%. So let’s go trash WALMART!

The lunatics have not only looted and gutted stores but have actually robbed delivery trucks and have caused major property damage.

Okay, let’s say gas is $3.00 a gallon. A 20% increase would amount to a 60 cent increase, right?

Unbelievable! And these are the lunatics the Dems want in America?

No. We will build the wall and increase the security of the border. We HAVE to keep these people out of our country.

From Bloomberg:

Even before the unrest, retailers were expected to take the biggest hit by the hike. The increase is likely to erode purchasing power and consumer sentiment that’s already suffering as a weaker peso fuels concern about inflation. The government is letting gas prices surge as part of a plan to gradually cede control of the fuel market to private development following a landmark energy overhaul in 2013.


Antad, the Mexican retailers’ association, said it was a “tough” night for stores and that government efforts haven’t been enough to calm the situation. The association is meeting with Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo to discuss the matter, Manuel Cardona, the group’s head of government relations, said in an interview with Radio Red on Thursday. The economic fallout hasn’t been estimated, he said.

Walmex, Soriana, Elektra and Chedraui didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment. Shares of Walmex, controlled by U.S. retail giant Wal-Mart Stores Inc., fell as much as 2.1 percent in Mexico City trading.

Planigrupo Latam SAB, a real estate investment company, said in a filing that two malls in which it has a controlling stake were looted and vandalized Wednesday and Thursday in Mexico state. The company is working with local and federal authorities to protect the locations and the people who work there, the company said.

In a conference Wednesday, President Enrique Pena Nieto said he understood public outrage over the gas-price hike, but that it was a necessary move to reflect higher global prices.

Get over it fools!

You want gas then pay the price!

Your filthy government is corrupt and that is but one of thousands of reasons we don’t want you coming to the USA.

We already have blacks trashing our Walmarts.


Stay in Mexico where you belong.

Adios Amigos!

God Bless.

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