BREAKING: MI State Police Block GOP Electors From Getting Inside Capitol Where Electors Deliver Votes [VIDEO]

By Patty McMurray at 100 Percent Fed Up

MI Republican Electors headed to Lansing, MI to cast their votes for Donald J. Trump.

The Republican Electors convened this morning, where they successfully cast their votes for Donald J. Trump. When they got to the Capitol building to deliver their votes to the MI Senate floor, they were blocked by MI State Police.


According to Republican Elector and Women For Trump Board member Meshawn Maddock, “We are not removing any electors. We are instead, sending Trump Republican electors alongside the Democrat Electors. She added, “This needed to be done. We’re not trying to circumvent anything.”

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Marian Sheridan told us, “We have to do this because we believe fraud happened. But if we can’t prove fraud, then the vote stays for Biden, ”adding, “There’s no harm in sending two sets of Electors if voter fraud is proven, we just want to be prepared.”

Meshawn Maddock explained, “It would be unwise not to do this because given the gravity of what we’ve seen so far as it relates to voter fraud.”

Independent journalist Brendan Gutenschwager captured footage of the front of the Capitol where protesters were gathering. Along with the video, he tweeted:


Outside the Michigan State Capitol, currently closed to the public after officials say there were “credible threats of violence” as the Electoral College meets today to vote on the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Gutenschwager posted a second video showing a group of GOP Electors for Donald Trump arriving at Michigan’s Capitol building in Lansing, MI.

According to Gutenschwager, the Electors were already checked in but were prohibited from entering the Capitol by MI State Police officers.

He tweeted: “The Electors are already here; they’ve been checked in.” Michigan State Police are blocking access to the Capitol, preventing the GOP Electors from getting inside.”

In another video, the lawyer for the GOP Electors and the MI State Police officer can discuss the blockage of Electors. The lawyer for the GOP Elector explains that the GOP Electors are there, “trying to perform their constitutional duty.” The MI State Police officer explained that if they have a problem, they should contact Michigan’s Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer or the Republican Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield or Republican Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey.

Republished with permission.

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