JUST IN: President Trump SLAMS ‘Fat Slob’ Michael Moore, Then All HELL BREAKS LOOSE


In a series of tweets, President Donald Trump took to social media to mock left-wing lunatic and psuedo-filmmaker Michael Moore about Moore’s one-man Broadway show.  President Trump declared to the world that the show was “a TOTAL BOMB”.

President Trump tweeted –


“While not at all presidential I must point out that the Sloppy Michael Moore Show on Broadway was a TOTAL BOMB and was forced to close. Sad!”

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Moore – known for such selectively edited propagandist type hit pieces including – Roger and Me,” “Bowling for Columbine,” and “Fahrenheit 9/11” – responded with multiple tweets of his own.  Moore’s Twitter tirade in response to President Trump’s criticism is the over the top response one would expect to such as Moore.  He tweets as follows –


1) You must have my smash hit of a Broadway show confused with your presidency– which IS a total bomb and WILL indeed close early. NOT SAD


2) Today, 1 U.S. service member was killed & 6 injured in our never-ending war in Afghanistan. You,our President, are not even aware of this

3) You ARE aware I’m a “B’way star” & I guess this bothers you more. SAD.

4) Prosecutor Mueller’s GrandJury has just approved the 1st criminal indictments of your administration. R u trying 2 distract us from this?

5) 38 days after Maria, 3/4 of PR (our fellow Americans) have NO electricity. Yet u are more upset that so many ppl saw my B’way show. SAD.

6) They say Twitter “distracts” you from your presidency. But Twitter IS YOUR PRESIDENCY! It’s all you know how to do. !

7) And now, for this weekend, I’m your latest distraction from your crimes. Ha! Raucous & joyous crowds every nite on B’way- & u missed out!

8) It was the highest grossing play (non-musical) of the summer, despite my offering $29 cheap seats + free student tix so ALL could afford.

9) As announced on May 1st, it was always a “12-WEEK-ONLY” run, due to my commitments to my upcoming primetime TV series & my new movie.

10) On Broadway, Donald, they call it a “LIMITED ENGAGEMENT” — just like we’re planning on making your presidency.

Seems like Mikey took President Trump’s tweet a titch personal. I think Moore doth protest too much….

Despite Moore’s assertations otherwise, his show, “The Terms of My Surrender,” ended its 13-week run Oct. 22 as a failure. According to BroadwayWorld.com, the show took in only $4.2 million at the box office which is less than half of its potential take.  The show is supposed to be Moore’s autobiography along with his calls for political action against President Trump and other Republicans.  I guess no one cares about Moore’s opinion as even the New York Times described the show as a critical disappointment, calling the show “shaggy and self-aggrandizing.”


NYT’s reviewer Jesse Green compares the show to “being stuck at Thanksgiving dinner with a garrulous, self-regarding, time-sucking uncle” writing –

“You don’t have to disagree with Mr. Moore’s politics to find that his shtick has become disagreeable with age.” 

Moore has been an outspoken critic of President Trump even going to far as to compare the president’s supporters to accomplices in a rape during an interview with CNN.

“If you hold down the woman while the rapist is raping her, and you didn’t rape her, are you a rapist?” Moore said at the time. “Let’s cut the BS and start speaking honestly.”

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