After weeks away on a taxpayer-funded vacation to Hawaii, Michelle Obama has returned to D.C. for even more self-involved celebration leading up to her birthday. In a recent interview with People magazine, the first lady revealed an astronomically high opinion of herself that generally jibes with the persona she has embodied since achieving national prominence.

For those who might have missed it, Obama announced, “I’m first lady of the United States of America,” calling the position “pretty high up.”

Nonetheless, she seems to indicate even that position is an insignificant forum for her larger-than-life persona.

Indicating that she has “always felt like my life is ever-evolving,” Obama discussed her plans for a future outside of the White House. Interestingly, millions of frustrated Americans are looking anticipatorily toward that same eventuality.

After alluding to the fact that she would not rule out plastic surgery as she ages, Obama mentioned a few older women she considers to be role models. In one statement that illustrates her own radicalism, she touted the virtues of actress Jane Fonda.

Decades after the woman appeared in Vietnam to support America’s enemy, an act many Americans consider traitorous, Obama called Fonda “a beautiful, engaged, politically savvy, sharp woman.”

Millions of schoolchildren being forced to take government-approved lunches they have no intention of actually eating might conclude her activism has already made an impact. Still, she said she looks forward to the coming years – after her daughters are in college – during which she said “the sky is the limit!”

An interview with Michelle Obama would not be complete without her admonition of those who dare to eat politically incorrect foods or skip a day at the gym.

“And as everyone knows, I do exercise,” she proclaimed, encouraging other women to follow her lead.

For the millions suffering under the disastrous economic policies of her husband, however, expensive health food and private trainers are luxuries that take a backseat to providing the essentials for their families.

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