Michelle Obama has taken the racism bait hook, line and sinker it appears as most of her speeches lately seems to be heavily saturated in the leftist argument. Most recently though, she has taken to urging high school students to monitor their own family members for racial intolerance and to go even one step further and correct it.

Addressing the High School graduating classes of Topeka, Kansas she said, “Our laws may no longer separate us based on our skin color, but nothing in the Constitution says we have to eat together in the lunchroom, or live together in the same neighborhoods.” She then added, “There’s no court case against believing in stereotypes or thinking that certain kinds of hateful jokes or comments are funny.”

She then stated her wacky plan saying that students should, “drag my generation and your grandparents’ generation along with you,” down the path of racial tolerance.

Explaining exactly what she meant, she noted, “Maybe that starts simply in your own family, when grandpa tells that off-colored joke at Thanksgiving, or you’ve got an aunt [that] talks about ‘those people.’” She continued by saying, “Well, you can politely inform them that they’re talking about your friends.”


“Or maybe it’s when you go off to college and you decide to join a sorority or fraternity, and you ask the question, how can we get more diversity in our next pledge class?” Michelle went on. “Or maybe it’s years from now, when you’re on the job and you’re the one who asks, do we really have all the voices and viewpoints we need at this table?”

Making her grand stand, the FLOTUS exclaimed, “But no matter what you do, the point is to never be afraid to talk about these issues, particularly the issue of race.”

So what do you guys think – does the need for Liberal tolerance surpass that of our First Amendment rights? Michelle certainly thinks so. Let us know how you feel about this in a comment below. 







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  1. How hypocritical is it to be a millionaire and First Lady of the most powerful Nation in the World but still playing the victim? Some people will never realize just how lucky they are. Democrats are victims of their own propaganda.

    • Darron Jacobs says:

      She IS a black woman who was raised in this wicked ass country,,, playing the victim??? yeah like she hasn’t witness the evils of ameriKKKa……….. GTFOH

      • Rich W. S. says:

        For you and her, If you don’t love it, LEAVE IT (America) Quit trying to change the world Most blacks are playing the victim and a lot of people are fed up with it. ! There is too much discrimination against whites in America as society has bowed to political correctness. That’s why when a black kills a white, It’s reported as a crime but when a white kills a black, All hell breaks loose and the media can’t stop mentioning the race of the victim and the perpetrator.
        I say, “Hands Down, Get a job!”

        • How about all of you actually listen to the speech instead of this out of context BS ?


          • sanityisneeded says:

            I’ve read your post and listened carefully to her words, but you also need to place her words in context with other things she has said to add perspective/context. She has made it clear that white people (all implied) have been hateful and suppressed the black people. Yet, what has been done within the black community to take responsibility (the other half of the issue suppressing black people) for the gangs, drive-by shootings, single parent families, the welfare entitlement attitude, the drugs, the high crime rate within the black community. Look further at who they elect to fix their problems – Adam Clayton Powell, Marion Barry, the officials in the Baltimore “gray” case – a city where they have one of the largest investments in education and little to prove for it. Why don’t the blacks insist on accountability within their own communities. Compensation won’t help – just as in the Rodney King case – he got lots of money and was still a louse. Where are the programs to address the above issues with real plans and a commitment from the communities to make it happen. I don’t blame my neighbor when things go wrong – I take action on my own and get friends and family to help. While the child next door gets a scholarship for affirmative action, I make sure my child can get to college based on school performance and my bank account even though the one next door makes as much as me. Life is not fair, but we can take a positive attitude or just wallow in our own self pity. Get up and make the most of your opportunities – stop relying solely on others.

          • Bill_Clement says:

            EVERY program that the left has tried to pass to alleviate these problems has been blocked by the GOP. Every single one. Don’t lay this on the left.

          • Johnny Ruin says:

            Hahahahahah!!!!!! Like another government program is going to help ANYTHING.

          • Curtis Profitt says:

            It is a heart problem. If they do not want change no program will work for them. They have to want it to work for it to work. And the first step is get off your ass and get an education learn a trade or skill and not selling drugs and making it counts.

          • Bruce Prentis says:

            But that’s the left’s mentality… “Please gubmint, hep me out. Take care of me so I don’t hab to

          • Nana Price says:

            Dude, what a liar you are!

          • Aaron Wilkins says:

            Obama uses his executive order! so yes we can blame it on the left

          • shirley doughty says:

            well said sanityisneeded. Thank you

          • David Hemingway says:

            Stop sense bro, you’re going to confuse the liberals, they’ll get offended by their own stupidity.

          • Richard Hicks says:


          • A Pickenpaugh says:

            I am not an Obama supporter but I heard this speech and yes it has been taken out of context

          • I have no interest in michele’s opinions. Nobody is asking for her wisdom.

          • Bruce Prentis says:

            Or lack there of

          • She’d have to be wise first.

          • I’m sure you know I meant that derisively.

          • southernyankee05 . says:

            Don’t really care what this racist warlock has to say !!!

        • Dolly Mattson says:

          And when a black is killed they get money for it but when a white police officer gets killed they get squat. Obama doesn’t even acknowledge them. Talk about racist…the Obamas re the worst.
          Dolly Mattson

      • hoosierpete says:

        She hasn’t witnessed anything! Tell me about her and her narcissistic husband and how poor they were. Load of crap is all they have. Poor me oh poor me!

      • Bruce Prentis says:

        oh please nigga, take that BS somewhere else

      • Aaron Wilkins says:

        Manchella is a Racist black person . Affirmative action put her where she is. She’s stupid also.

    • Just so happens it was the anniversary of Brown Vs Board of Education and that is hardly what she said. Try listening to the actual speech. I am not even a fan of the Obamas or a democrat , but one who is sick of being embarrassed by RW “news” sites like this.

    • Bill_Clement says:

      And you are an idiot.

    • PatrickHenry says:

      You’re right rich black lady makes FLOTUS of the US and claims racism

  2. mickey5020 says:

    How about we the United States citizens monitor their family for racism, lies , plots.etc . just because we should know their private personal opinions too then

  3. Conservatives and christianists hate America.

  4. Janice Adams says:

    First amendment rights???? You do realize that the Constitution of the United States does not protect you from having your free speech questioned by your friends, neighbors or relatives or even your enemies. The Constitution is a contract between you and your Government only. I sure wish some of you people had paid attention when you got that free education you all slept through, it would have made everyone’s lives much more bearable. You also need to understand that the First Lady of the United States has the same first amendment rights, to ask this smarter generation, to help the “dropped out of the third grade” generation, to understand the realities of the 21st century.

  5. patriotmom says:

    B (Barack) and M (Michelle) are aptly abbreviated…BM. A big stinky one. (I feel better now…)

  6. mickey5020 says:

    hypocrite ! wow that was my first thought too!

  7. jcfriday says:

    I guess she best be careful as her daughters should turn them both in Michele and Barack.

  8. She needs to look inward at her own household.

  9. t_rat_67 says:


    • Colin Andrew Moore says:

      Exactly, just own the bigotry and hatred. And, as FLOTUS suggests, I would ask you to leave my table and my house and not return because I don’t want to associate with someone with such views. That’s not trampling on your first amendment rights.

  10. Teri Key says:

    monitor ” American families for racism !! HELL start with the White
    House scum bag !! and your brotherhoods !! and REMEMBER this !! here
    some History for you and your like wise race baiting husband ! Muslims
    today own 27 millions black slaves ! Hmmm he must be used to monitoring
    and taking freedoms away !! wouldn’t you say !!

  11. Sounds like the 1937 Nazi Party when right after they disarmed the German public they told the children to listen to their parents and other adult’s conversations and report back to the Brown Shirts. Then if the Brown Shirts thought the adult’s were talking bad about “The Party” the parents would be taken from their homes and never return. The Nazi’s killed them, that is the next step here that’s why this Head Negro In Charge is fighting so hard to disarm the American public.

  12. This to me makes racism an issue that angers me…People know how to behave or they don’t,,…but you have no right to tell people what to think and when she puts this kind of spy on your family…that makes me angry at her. People feel how they feel..This is not the way to make people tolerable…I like people because of the type of people they are, not the color…YOU MAKE COLOR THE ISSUE, by stating such hate.

  13. Judi McGinnis says:

    Monitor your own family Michele

  14. Bonnie Hudson Lupold says:

    Here is a lesson in history for you! The black man sold the black man to the white man! And the actual first slaves were the Irish people who sailed the boats to america first . Thanks. With that being said I will be glad when all ignorance has stopped by any race. Know your facts before you speak.

    • Smilin' Jack says:

      Yes, the English captured Irish “political prisoners” and shipped them off to the New World as slaves. Also, they would nab homeless kids off the streets of London and Liverpool and sell them as cabin boys aboard the Royal Navy and merchant ships. That’s where we got the word “kid-nabbing” from. And cabin boys weren’t there just to pour the captain’s tea, if you know what I mean…

      • They did it with the Scots as well…2 of my ancestors were sent here after losing at the battle of Dunbar to Oliver Cromwell, in “coffin boats”, named because so many died on the way, in 1650. And, they forced the Scots to change their names–my Magruder ancestor was actually a MacGregor.

      • And, Smilin’ Jack, don’t forget the Barbary Pirates, Muslims who invaded parts of England and France to steal men, women and children for their Muslim slave markets in Morocco and Algeria. America had one hell of a time with them capturing our merchant ships and crews. We even sent war ships after them. It went on for decades.

    • Bill_Clement says:

      I think you should follow your own advice, Bonnie.

      • Johnny Ruin says:


      • Maybe you should learn your History Idiot!!! Bonnie is doing as she says; you are not!!! It was a black man who sold a black man and started all the crap!! A black man had the first black slave!!! None of these newer generations were slaves and need to foot their own bills!! NO ONE but ME paid my way to become a Doctor!! But when I was seriously burned with no insurance after trash in WH quadrupled my taxes and I wanted to make a loan; the govt told me , “I am sorry, you make too much money and you are the WRONG COLOR!!!!” That’s not racist?? So I guess I needed to go spread my legs and have a kid to collect a check!! No, because I don’t believe in that S—!!! I wanted to make a LOAN and was told I was the wrong color!!! Third degree burned, a small business owner, and told too bad!! I recorded it!! Get your facts straight Bill; you ARE an idiot!!

  15. Take care of racism in your own house Adolph!!

  16. Who cares what she says? I will do and live however I choose.

  17. Teresa Pennington-Adams says:

    The racism has been much worse since this administration took office. All the progress that had been made is gone.

  18. Squirrelmistress says:

    why don’t you start with your own family?

  19. Dr Lopez says:

    Mrs.Obama. Your desire to control the lives of other human beings is Anti-American. I am astounded that you do not see yourself as a full blown racist. Trying to hide from your own imperfect nature reminds me of Socialist Germany. Stay out of our business. In other words, until you are subject to the same laws,regulations and rights that you think you are except from either shut up and mind your own business or move to North Korea or Saudi Arabia. Elitist hypocrites are nothing more then greedy,controlling,self centered, megalomaniacs who have convinced themselves they are more superior in every way than their fellow human beings. You are of coarse in this group, as well as the rest of the bumbling fools out there who are legions only in their own minds.

  20. Lucy Mauterer says:

    I grew up in an extremely conservative household. However, racism was never a part of that. So Democrats think they are the only ones for racial equality?

  21. Does that include her butass ugly ass as well? After all she is the first racist

  22. TheJawster777 says:

    Like the Nazi party telling people to report their family members to the authorities for dissent.

  23. Matthew Faulhaber says:

    When I was a child of the 1950’s, my parents instilled Christian values by discouraging jokes at the dinner table that were ethnic, racial, or portrayed one faith as inferior. So you’re against teaching your children the same values? And you call yourself a Christian who loves and respects all? Perhaps the question you should be asking yourself is do you resent somebody reminding you about your responsibilities as a parent or do you object to the messenger? If it’s the first part, perhaps you need a refresher course regarding Christian values. If it’s the second part, how does that change the validity of her message?

    • Bruce Wayne says:

      I’m not so much bothered by the message as I am bothered by the obsessive nature of the Obama’s with race. The number one or two or three problem in this country is not racism. In fact, the Obama’s have exacerbated the divide between blacks and everyone else. I think many people are tired of being told they haven’t done enough or given enough to the blacks. People are fed up. At some point, people must take responsibility for themselves and quit whining.

      • anarchyst says:

        …you are correct. The phenomenon is called “negro fatigue”; no good will come of it. Honest white people are tired of the constant accusations of “racism”. Despite being the most externally altruistic people on the planet and the sacrifice of our own “freedom of association” on the false altars of “diversity” and “multiculturalism”, whites are STILL blamed for all of society’s ills.
        Forced multiculturalism and diversity are recipes for white genocide…

    • anarchyst says:

      I WAS PRESENT at the so-called “civil-rights” demonstrations of the 1960s and observed much criminal behavior that never got reported. You see, then as is now, the news media, communists and their fellow travelers had an agenda of their own and as such, could not “let a crisis go to waste”. The rapes, robberies, and the general trashing of the areas they occupied were never reported. Only the reactions of the local citizenry and law enforcement to the lawless behavior of the “demonstrators” was reported…
      These demonstrations were not peaceful by any means, the demonstrators being “egged on” by their new york-based “carpetbagger” handlers. The locals, both black and white, wanted NOTHING to do with these “outsiders” coming into their peaceful communities, who were there only to cause trouble.
      I WAS THERE, and personally witnesses the criminal activity by these so-called “civil-rights (for some)” pioneers…
      Of course, the “mainstream media” could not afford to “let a crisis go to waste” and conveniently turned off their movie cameras and recording equipment during the numerous acts of violence by the demonstrators.
      The agenda, then was the same as it is now…wait till the government eviscerates the first amendment (with today’s journalists approval).
      So-called “journalists” are pushing a “licensing scheme” (by the government) that would establish who a “real” journalist is…their goal is to get rid of the numerous bloggers, who, quite often, outscoop the mainstream media…

  24. Bob the Lunatic says:

    pathetic article

  25. This Sasquatch Tranny Ghetto Whore can kiss my American A$$ with her Racist Vomit! American needs a True LADY as 1st Lady, as we have always had in the past, not some questionable muscle bound pervert that wears a dress with a bulge in his crotch! Michael/Michelle Obama can and will go to Hell one day, the racist sau! Barry Put Lipstick on a Pig/Guy and called it Wife, but it is still a Pig!

  26. Of course she is it is all part of their plan. They start a race war and declare martial law and they can stay in power for as long as we are under martial law rule. This is the same thing Hitler did, if one compares ovomits time in office to Hitler you could almost see a mirrored image. Operation Jade Helm 15 starts next month be on guard and prepared to defend our right to exist.

  27. mreester says:

    The woman is a flaming idiot! case closed.

  28. Laurie Tipton says:

    Let’s do better and have a militia group that you can report those who do not support the racist agenda of the president. We shall call it….the SS.

  29. Michelle is racist. What shall we do with her?

  30. g fifield says:

    How about we just monitor moochell for racism. She fails miserably.

  31. I’ve got a better idea, lets monitor the White House, let demand cameras are installed so we can see all the terrorist when they visit their pal, fellow muslim, we can also see what they are eating, after all she is the queen of lunch, it’s funny, she can eat what she damn well please, while our kids can no longer eat what they want at school. It’s coming when they try to tell us what we can eat, that will be the day I visit the White House holding a tray of chilli fries.

  32. fiscal conservative social lib says:

    Perhaps she should start with her own husband.

  33. Jill Hodges Betts says:

    Somebody needs to slap that stupid bitch.

  34. Robert Gamble says:

    When I say “Those people” I mean Barry and Steve, Mr and Mrs Obama

  35. Tammy Boyd says:

    First of all, this is taken out of context of what she actually said. Leave it to a biased political news site to skew it. Second of all…even if this is how it went down, I don’t disagree. There is absolutely nothing wrong with airing your own views if you hear inappropriate racial jokes or by suggesting groups or companies become more diverse. Nothing that was ‘quoted’ in this ridiculous article would have sounded controversial to me. As long as the person doing so understands that they are willingly opening themselves up to criticism by expecting all people be treated with respect regardless of race or ethnicity.

  36. Bela Blasko says:

    National leaders (?) are openly abetting rioters and then castigating law enforcement officers trying to perform their duties.

  37. Sherri Smith-Watson says:

    Gee, does this mean we have to count on Barack to turn Michelle in? She is one of the worst racists this country has ever seen as well as the biggest race baiter!

  38. Police your own. I believe in the freedom of speech. THAT’S policing my own. I can DEBATE what my own have to say, but I will NEVER say they can’t say it! So, bite me, Michelle Obama and your Muslim husband. So what do YOU have to say? (and if your name isn’t Michelle Obama or Barrack Obama don’t bother replying…)

  39. Susan Fuchs says:

    Obama Children, please spy on your parents and report to the American people, we want to know exactly what they say, and how they say it, and please, don’t lie, like they do! YOU can change the world, with truth!

    • Colin Andrew Moore says:

      Seriously, what do you imagine they say about white people that’s so hateful. After all, POTUS’s mother was white. What do you wing-nuts think they talk about at the dinner table that’s got you all so upset? When were your ancestors ever enslaved or lynched? Burned alive? Shot in the back while unarmed?

      • Susan Fuchs says:

        Seriously, if they wish to have children spy on their parents, I believe it should start right at the top! If you can’t understand this, I feel sorry for you. What do you left wing liberals drink that makes you excuse every evil and embrace it so easily?

        • Colin Andrew Moore says:

          Hi Susan. Where does it say the First Lady is asking children to spy on their parents? What she says is if your grandfather makes a racist joke or if your aunt uses the n-word at the dinner table, you quietly explain to them that they are referring to people who are your friends and neighbors. Now if you believe that certain people are subhuman based on the color of their skin, then that advice clearly doesn’t pertain to you as you are going to continue that cycle of bigotry and exclusion. Most of us don’t hold those views as they really have no place in a polite and diverse society. So let’s get back to the Obama’s dinner table. My question is this: what reverse-racist anti-white conversations do you imagine they have with their daughters (who are one-quarter white themselves)? And what are you basing that on?

          • Susan Fuchs says:

            Colin, I love how you liberals jump to the conclusion that anyone who does not agree with moochel is a bigot. I am not, never have been, never will be. Nor am I a racist, but I do believe that they should look at their own table and correct themselves. When a person is killed, by a policeman, defending themselves, he sides with the person killed, and not the policeman who was defending themselves. This has happened a few times, when a military man was killed in war, obama didn’t even send anyone to represent our country to his funeral, yet he sent 3 people to Michael Brown’s…. People are people, so whatever reverse-racist, bigoted thinking YOU have, think again, take it now.

          • Colin Andrew Moore says:

            Ok. You’ve sort of changed the subject here. I thought your original premise was that the Obamas were bigots and that it was hypocritical of them to urge young people to be less racist, when they were encouraging their own daughters to be anti-white. Was that not your point? What do you think the Obama daughters are going to reveal about their parents that’s so damaging? That was what I asked in my first post.

            We don’t know what happened between Darrell Wilson and Michael Brown and we never will. We know there wasn’t enough direct evidence to file charges against Wilson, and that neither President or Michelle Obama ever disputed that finding. We also know that racial profiling was rife in Ferguson and that the police and other officials routinely used fines and court costs to raise general revenues from people of color there. I can imagine the president telling his daughters about his own experiences being racially profiled (as he has done so publicly), but I can’t see him or his wife encouraging them to hate the police or white police or white people in general. Let me ask you this. What about the uncontested videos we do have of white police killing unarmed blacks without provocation or totally abusing their power? Why should anyone be okay with that?

            So finally, you seem to be leading the conversation down a right-wing rabbit hole that maintains that Obama bucked a tradition upheld by Nixon and George W Bush by not attending a funeral for Major General Harold Green, who was killed in Afghanistan. Am I correct? That’s an odd thing to bring up given how publicly the Obamas and Bidens have been in supporting military families, especially compared with the Bushes and Cheneys. But is that what you’re referring to?

          • Susan Fuchs says:

            I have not changed subjects at all, You are showing your own tendencies by saying there wasn’t enough direct evidence to file charges against Wilson.The people of that area decided there was no evidence to file charges, then the DOJ went in to see if they could bring charges. What would happen if the colors were reversed? . As far as the uncontested videos, no one is okay with that, and I believe you know this. My “leading the conversation down a right wing rabbit hole” business is insulting. That major, gave his life for this country. and if they “support” military families, as you say, then why didn’t he send at least one person??? do YOU think so little of someone’s life? I am comparing how he will not support all, as he said he wishes to be a uniter of people, not a divider… this nation is plain and simply more divided than ever. Again, all people matter, you see divisions in my replys that are not there….You have brought up, many things that are not there, you have tried to put things into the conversation that I did not write and in replying you insult.

          • Colin Andrew Moore says:

            The story of Obama blowing off the funeral of Major General Harold Greene was completely wrong. It was written by a reporter for the Washington Examiner, and then disseminated without correction at Fox News and other factually-shoddy outlets. Byron York, the reporter, had relied on a single source for his information that Nixon and W Bush had attended funerals for similarly high-ranking soldiers killed in the line of duty. It turns out, they had not. Furthermore, the idea that the president sent no representatives from his administrative was also debunked. Chuck Hagel, Secretary of Defense, attended the service and met with families afterwards. In contrast, Obama sent three low-level officials to Ferguson, one who was head of a White House initiative to better the prospects for urban black men, hardly a cabinet secretary! Here are the facts and them some: http://www.snopes.com/politics/military/greene.asp. It’s Snopes, a nonpartisan site.

            If the races had been reversed, I believe an angry white crowd would have probably killed a black police officer if he’d killed a young unarmed white man in a city where whites are used to never being questioned about their position. How many times do you hear about young white men being profiled and harassed by black police officers? How many videos have you seen of black police officers mouthing off and threatening white people. As far as no being okay with the videos clearly showing blacks being killed and harassed by police, I’d invite you to read some of the other comments to this article. I wouldn’t expect very many people in this forum to proclaim that black lives matter to them. Obama has reached out to Republicans time and time again. They have decided to do anything in their power to block him. And that is why the country is divided. That and the fact that a percentage of people is very upset that an African American is sitting in the White House. Those I-want-my-country-back sorts.

            So, one last time: what is it do you think the President and Mrs Obama tell their daughters that you would find so troubling?

          • Susan Fuchs says:

            Colin, you have changed the subject so one last time, show me where I wrote that I thought the obama and his wife tell their children anything. I didn’t bring up Nixon or Bush and what ever. You did, twice, As far as obama not sending anyone to the funeral, that has not been debunked, only by you. You will believe what you wish and by the way, that is your right, as it is mine that obama has not ever reached out to work with the republicans, he has more or less told them that it is his way or no way… and that is my right. as to why we are divided, that too is an opinion of yours, mine is different. I want my country back and believe me or not, it has not a darn thing to do with the color of the skin, but everything to do with the character or lack of it.

            Just today a black man killed a woman and a man, both white. for what reason we don’t know, but you won’t see riots out there. We will let the police and whoever else look for truth, but I can guarantee you that there won’t be “hate crimes” attached to this man. It truly works only way and it isn’t right. What goes for one person, should go for all.

          • Colin Andrew Moore says:

            Here is what you said. This is what I responded to originally. You: “Obama Children, please spy on your parents and report to the American people, we want to know exactly what they say, and how they say it, and please, don’t lie, like they do! YOU can change the world, with truth!” So what, exactly, Susan do you expect the Obama girls to report on their parents’ dinnertime conversations that is so outrageous? That is YOUR post, beseeching Sasha and Malia to tell you what the POTUS and FLOTUS say when they’re not lying. Lying about what, exactly? The birth certificate?

            Also, I didn’t debunk the Obama not sending anyone to the funeral story, the Washington Examiner did. The Washington Examiner is the paper that ran the wrong story in the first place! Chuck Hagel attended the funeral. There are records. But that doesn’t matter because low-information, incurious people like you don’t want to only accept your own opinions, you want to only accept your own facts. So cite your sources. Where are the records that indicate that Chuck Hagel wasn’t at the funeral? Prove that prior presidents attended similar events. You can’t because you’re peddling a lie.

            So you want your country back the way it was when Bush ran it? Really? What were his great accomplishments? (And talk about character. A former president who charges hundreds of thousands of dollars to speak to the wounded veterans he sent to wars based on false claims that he made up.) Don’t forget to cite your sources.

            And yes, what happened today was tragic. It appears to be more workplace-related than racial animus, but if racism turns out to be a motivating factor then yes, the perpetrator should be charged posthumously with a hate crime. I for one appreciated the president’s call for saner gun policies.

          • Susan Fuchs says:

            Colin, How could I or anyone know what they say? do you see any thing there that assumes I do know? No. you don’t. you are trying to put words that I did not say or write in here, aren’t you collin! I am not beseeching anything, those too, are your words. If moochele wants our kids to try to change the minds of parents, I think it’s fair for their kids to do it too, how is up to them, not me. Prove that I said otherwise…. look above. Did I say assume anything? No, but you have, repeatedly.
            Low information, incurious? look in the mirror sir. NOt only are you low information, you jump to your own conclusions, You are right, hagel did attend, while obama golfed, again, my bad. But why should I have to look sources that say past presidents did anything? did I state this or did you? who is peddling b.s. here? Who is assuming anything? you, who is writing b.s.? You.

            I want my country back, free, YOU assume again, what YOU want. so who is pushing lies here, Collin. YOU are jumping all over, you want to accept what YOU think and it is clear here….Did I say I want it back as in when Bush ran it? Nope, that is you. YOU assume you know everything that I was thinking, you don’t. typical liberal b.s. check your own low information, irrational thinking.

            And finally what happened yesterday what not just work related. This is a hate crime and you can’t change the hate, until the heart is changed. No damn laws will change it. If it did, then Chicago would be like heaven, not the hell it is run by democraps for years and years.

  40. Reece Kinney says:

    I’m more concerned about the terrible photoshop on the poster. It looks way too amateur and choppy.

  41. Virginia Herman Banks says:


  42. Larry Kirkendall says:

    well, I guess there’s a black Nazi party now. Have to admit, it was easy to see coming with the flavor of America these days.

  43. anarchyst says:

    For one, I am PROUD to be a “racist”:

    The term “racism” was invented by communists, and is used to destroy cultures and defuse (and render impotent) those with differing points-of-view on “racial” issues.

    That being said . . .
    True “racism” is desirable as it merely cements cultural and social bonds that are necessary for a society to function and flourish.

    True “racism” does not connote either inferiority or superiority of any racial group, but merely denotes commonality of purpose and advancement within each respective racial group.

    Blacks have the NAACP and Congressional Black Caucus, Hispanics have La Raza and Mecha, Jews have the $PLC, ACLU and ADL. These are all “racist” organizations that serve to promote the interests (and political power) of their respective races.

    It is only whites who are castigated and threatened for attempting to show any signs of racial solidarity.

    Let’s look at what these “evil, privileged” whites have done for Western society and the world:

    1. “Civil-rights (for some)” laws (that effectively destroy “freedom of association” for whites, but not for other races) and do not apply to whites–only “people of color” are covered by these so-called “civil-rights (for some)” protections, (Ask “Attorney General” Eric holder about that).

    2. “Affirmative action” policies (that push better qualified whites out of positions and jobs that they would ordinarily qualify for) in favor of lesser-qualified minorities. In fact, “affirmative action” policies actually damage those minorities who are quite capable of “making it on their own” because they get “lumped in” with the groups that cannot make it on their own without “help”,

    3. “Contract set-asides” (that are specifically targeted for minorities (that white people are prohibited from bidding on) and immigration policies (that specifically exclude whites, most of who have skills that would benefit the USA) in favor of those from the third-world (with no marketable skills).

    4. Scholarships that specify particular ethnic groups are looked upon favorably by most people, save one–scholarships that are intended for whites only are looked upon as being “racist”, and therefore impermissible and improper in today’s racially-charged climate of “political correctness”.

    NO OTHER RACE (BUT WHITES) HAS BENT OVER BACKWARDS to assure that all non-white races receive a “fair shake” in being a part of American life, even to the detriment and social well-being of “our own kind” (whites).

    Whites possess an externalized altruism that no other races possesses. This externalized altruism that “looks out for the other guy” will be the demise of the white race. This altruism needs to be internalized and focused inward, just as other races have done. There is NO SHAME in looking out for one’s own kind.

    “Multiculturalism” and “diversity” are code-words for white genocide.

  44. Darin Hodges says:

    Since when is it wrong to say to a racist that its wrong to be racist? It seems that this column is promoting racism as a right instead of the ignorance it is. Free speech is one thing, but hate speech is another. What if we stop struggling to find the wrong with every word that passes through M’s lips and say she’s got a point with this one

  45. Brother against brother son against parents. Is this America? Here is what is driving her. Watch this FACTUAL movie, http://www.4shared.com/video/s2xrscO8/AGENDA__Grinding_America_Down_.html

  46. concerned citizen says:

    I suggest you start with your own family there MICHELLE shit oh dear the biggest race baiter is in the WHITE HOUSE

  47. She is one of America’s biggest disgraces to the world.

  48. southernyankee05 . says:

    obama… the worst president ever in history michael…. is an absolute disgrace and an embarrassment to be sitting in our WH as first lady. He/she is no lady and never will be !!! This sick family are always crying racism and causing racial division in our once great nation !!! Terrible…. just terrible !!!

  49. assbagashit says:

    Hey what’s the big deal if she, a black woman in America who happens to also be the first lady now, wants to teach plans of action to the young people of today on how to speak on the subject when racism is brought up.when actual racism or jokes or simply the subject of it is brought up in conversation? And to go a step further and try to help correct it. Sure ur not gonna change your German great grandfathers opinion of others at that point in life, but there are places it would be appropriate. Racism has no place in the world today. Maybe she’s a lil gung ho about it, but who isn’t when they’re passionate about something? She wasn’t always the first lady ya know…..

  50. This woman is an embarrassment to the position that she holds. She sits in the White House (“WH”) and acts like she is better than anyone else, yet claims this is the first time she’s felt proud to be an American. Well, she certainly doesn’t act like it. She always claims to be a victim, yet she and her family (including her mother who lives for free in the WH) have taken more vacations in the 6+ years they’ve been in office than most people do in a lifetime. Not to speak of the $44+million they’ve spent for said vacations. UNBELIEVABLE!! I don’t know when (if at all) that we have had such an ungrateful, negative, race-baiting, and unclassy First Lady in DC. She is such a hypocrite with her comments vs the life she lives. I, for one, can not wait for all of them to vacate the WH and shut off the money faucet. They are a disgrace to the country and those who voted for him based on his skin should be ashamed for what they’ve done to this country. Let’s hope our next President has the courage and strength to undo and redo what they’ve done and get us back on the right track.

  51. Damon Smith says:

    Michelle the racist was in all black student groups!! What an ignorant racist hypocrite! She said “how can we get more diversity in our next pledge class?” I bet she never asked (uh, I mean axed) that of herself as she sat around her hate groups with no white people, no asians, no hispanics, no indians, etc., around. After her stint as a pampered, spoiled affirmative action beneficiary at school she had a job where her job was to subject innocent people to racial discrimination simply because of how they looked, their race. That really was her job, to be a pigmentation monitor. Her whole life & existence has been to cultivate hatred & racism. It’s outrageous listening to anything by her or Barry on racism. They ARE racists that are causing the racial problems!

  52. Marty Osborn says:

    She is a amazing daughter of God…She is here because God knows we need women that can help us stay in the purpose of why we are here…Especially based on what theology majors and prophecy experts are saying…She is God sent…We have to help each other find our way home before time runs out…She is one of the best examples we have of purpose living…God really loves us to have sent her into the world…We ask her to forgive those that lean to their own understanding KNOWING when they take their last breath they will be standing before the Father, that Mrs. Obama The First Lady listens to.

  53. Jose Gutierrez says:

    Mooch can suck a DICK

  54. I think the she needs to address that issue at her own dinner table, or better yet, in front of a mirror!

  55. Jason Fraser says:

    Those two fools in the White House are sounding, and acting, more and more like Nicolae and Elena Ceauçescu.

  56. Bill_Clement says:

    You do know this is based on a totally false report, don’t you? I guess it doesn’t matter when all you have is hate in your heart. Probably think you’re a christian, too.

  57. hoosierpete says:

    She better start monoriting herself and her sissy husband!

  58. I pretty sure Michele Obama sounds exactly like the nazi did report on your family ,friends or anyone else who doesn’t agree with her . she has a very cushy life ,she doesn’t appreciate what she has and she wants the rest of us not to enjoy things .I wish I could go on as many vacations as she does have a private jet take me to different countries someone to clean my house and have an entire nation work for my benefit yeah she has it so rough

  59. PatrickHenry says:

    There is no such thing as liberal tolerance they hate everything everyone does but them

  60. Good article, but if you haven’t figured out that a Nazi German victory in WW2 wouldn’t have been the best for everybody in the long run, then you haven’t been paying attention.

    Stop comparing insignificant people making subtle, passive suggestions to the second most important man in history. And don’t dare try to deny it, that’s why everyone drags his ashes out every time they want to make a comparison to the opposition. And not one of them could even lace up his boots. Not one of you could lace up his boots. There isn’t a person reading this site that could lace up his boots!

    You failed your republic, just as our forefather figured you would. Now the only line of defense will be found with National Socialism or Fascism.War and genocide. A game played for keeps. Here is your diversity after years of anti-white conditioning. You will send your sons and daughters off to public schools with these repulsive little mongrels. And you will know that this is not Utopia, it’s not even Dystopia…it’s worse!

    It’s Detroit.

    Bend a knee to the crooked cross or prepare to watch your children raped a burned alive by these savages in the not too distant future.

  61. You’re an idiot! You’ll be outta there soon enough no one cares what the hell you think!!

  62. Joyce Hajjar says:

    what an ugly uppity bitch

  63. Brandi Andrews says:

    White people are now the Minority in America, Democrats, Obummer, Michelle the bummers wife, NAACP, and the list goes on are all to blame for it, as well as keeping the racist ball rolling. There are good and bad in every race, once you give some people an inch they try to take a mile. I am not saying all Black people do this, but some just abuse their rights and want more, more, more ! There is always, and I say ALWAYS, GOING to be racism, weather it is between blacks and whites, or muslims and blacks, or muslims and whites, it don’t matter it is always going to be there. The sooner Obama gets out of office and Michelle shuts her big fat mouth trying to dictate to people how to live, what to eat, etc. the better off we will all be. come check us out and join in for a real Man to run our country and Make it Great Again ! Trump for President ! Click the link and feel free to share it https://www.facebook.com/groups/DonaldTrumpCampaign/

  64. Marty Torrez says:

    Start in your own home and get yourselves right with God and the American people and repeat from racism.

  65. f***that niggger

  66. have_an_open_mind says:

    I totally understand what she is saying. And she is speaking for members of her own community to a black majority school. But not everything she said pertained only to blacks. She told them to ask if “everyone at the table was being represented”. That’s a good thing. Because now there is a morning talk show called “The Real” that has 5 people at the table. Three black women, an Asian woman, and a Latino woman. Where is the white representation there? And the majority of the guests are black as well. And this is on ABC! Not BET. So how is that being “real”??? But I digress. “Off-color” jokes aren’t all about blacks. I grew up hearing jokes about many different people. A lot of jokes about Polish people. I know you know what I’m talking about. I do think she’s right though, about growing up and hearing certain things that are not often said today. And I agree that many of the older generations do still talk and think that way. And it can be difficult to change an older person’s mind and how they think and view things. But we’ve got to start somewhere. For peace and equality. Blacks have fought long and hard to be able to get to where they even are today. But even at that, it’s still not equal. If you deny that, then you are a closed minded person, and you must not have your eyes open to the realities of how others are treated, or rather mistreated. I also think that she may not be aware of the reverse racism that is happening. Many, many blacks think that “all” whites are racist. That HAS to stop before it gets out of control. There’s already far too many hate crimes. But it’s NEVER wrong to speak on peace and equality. What’s wrong with that? If you see something wrong with that, then you must have fear in your heart, that “they” will take over. Shame on you. Respect breeds respect. And hate and fear breed hate and fear. Look in the mirror and check your heart. Are you a “hater”?

  67. southernyankee05 . says:


  68. So I wonder who’s going to monitor the first family for their race hustling actions since they are very blatant about preaching racisim and projecting what they think people should say and do! Every speech Michelle gives is always saying things like museums are not for black people because they were made by white people. Something goes wrong and you don’t get a job it’s a white persons fault instead of your own because you aren’t qualified enough!

    Well gee wiz Sparky Affirmative action didn’t get enough people hired on because Affirmative Action states you have to have a certain amount of qualified ethnic minorities hired on which cut other qualified people out of a job because they weren’t black! Give me a break Michelle Obama it seems to me you’ve had a lot of breaks that other folks didn’t get and you say people were racist to you because your scores weren’t high enough! That’s your fault because you didn’t study harder to get higher numbers no one else did that but you!

    You want to come inside the home and teach children to turn and report their family if they don’t meet your requirements. It seems to me your stepping into Hitlers shoes! No I think you need to except the truth that if someone wants to get somewhere in life it takes hard work, strength, tenacity to reach their dream and that’s what all ethnic groups do but you always blame whites for your inequities. The racists of today are those who refuse to grow and change with the rest of the nation who have changed for the better but there are those who refuse to change and grow and let old hate die! Your like an old record stuck in a grove repeating the same rhetoric over and over to each successive generation keeping the old hates alive so the younger generations who haven’t truly exsperienced what the older generations have experienced! You teach hatred and dishonor and are trying to destroy families, shame on you. You need to tend to yourself.

    You could of really done a lot to help further the growth and change this nation has made since the death of the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. instead by your families actions you set this nation backwards. You really could of left something good behind to be recognized for in a good light but no your leaving hatred as your mark to be remembered for the future!

  69. Marilyn Clowery says:


  70. I can’t call this ugly person a First Lady. She is no lady. She can’t help how she looks, I guess, but she could stay home and keep her ugly mouth shut. No one hired or elected her to tell people what to eat, or to spy on their families. She is along with Hussein in wanting to destroy this country and they both work at it very hard when he isn’t playing golf and they aren’t running all over the world spending billions of tax dollars for their fun. They both disgust me. If I had voted for him I would hide my head in shame.

  71. I recall her giving a speech at a Black Women Rock event. Did she ask if there was really enough voices and viewpoints or if they could get more diversity there?

  72. her kids have a lot of monitoring to do in that case she and her husband are very racist and so is michelle’s mother

  73. Barbara Vize says:

    And just MAYBE Michelle, you can bug our homes and workplaces and workout facilities and cars and garages and thoughts and…….

  74. Barbi Easterling says:

    You need to start with yourself, Michelle. You are, absolutely, one of THE most racist individuals I have ever had the profound misfortune to have encountered in my life. Your hatred and race obsession are tangible. Too sad. Forgot the golden rule did we? OH! My bad. That’s right, your family doesn’t ascribe to that being Muslim.

  75. If she wants to start monitoring family conversations I would start right in OUR WHITE HOUSE. Can you imagine what racists conversations come out of that house? Her kids could probably write a novel about how mom and dad hate white people

  76. Darren Wilkens says:

    KMA moochelle! You and your spineless COWARD of a “husband” are the biggest racists to ever occupy OUR White House. Oh wait, it’s white, it must be racist as well. You idiots are destroying our country, so why don’t you just paint it black?

  77. John Krawczyk says:

    She needs to look in the mirror and the person that she lives with before she starts telling other families what to do.

  78. narutofan420 says:

    He should stop trying to tell us how to live our lives

  79. David J. Wohlfeil says:

    She sould start with her own family first as a test. The old man can’t wait until his term is over so he can go total ISIS and screw his own daughters. Just watch the way he looks and treats the eldest girl its sickening.

  80. The first amendment does not apply to private conversations. Why would you want to hear racist jokes?

  81. DixieAngel_76 says:

    Great. May I suggest you start first in Ferguson and Baltimore?

  82. Bruce Prentis says:

    And just who in the hell does she think she is? Sorry Michael, but you don’t have any authority by proxy just because your mudslime homo husband thinks he’s the emporer

  83. Maybe this America hating bitch should start with her own White Hating family! Who does she think she’s kidding about being racist. The Obama’s a the most openly racist people in the nation, as well as their cabinet, he supreme court justice picks, and his friends and associates. Michelle needs to keep her big fat mouth closed. She has no authority, whatsoever, and Obama and the Congress should put a muzzle on her.

  84. She’s so full of it. Both of them are. They need to get back to the jungles of Kenya. Hell I forgot. They don’t want them there.

  85. Just to let you know this might be a semi rant.

    She’d do well to monitor herself as she is a habitual race baiter every chance she can get! It’s more apparent when she is addressing certain ethnic groups! Still over all she is a race hustler no matter where she is speaking domestic or foreign it never fails that she makes derogatory comments or snide remarks about this nation and its people! She’d do well to monitor herself and try to change her racist self!

    It’s truly a shame because between the two them they could of really made positive strides in the continual healing this nation has been making since the assignation of Rev Martin Luther King Jr.. Whether they like it or not they need to remove their blinders and truly see how much this nation has really changed. Just an estimate but at least 65 to 70% of the people in this nation who live in smaller towns, cities, in the country sides live in mixed neighborhoods and generally work together and get along fine. They stand up for each other, don’t get me wrong nothing is ever perfect but it’s not like they portray!

    It’s people who live in those big inner city communities where the race hustlers seem to thrive all the time who preach hatred and racisim against the largest ethnic group for everything including the price of bread have been giving them a bill of goods to keep things going so they can line their pockets. The people in those communities need to look in a mirror and realize who’s responsibility it is to change things in there communities. The one they see in the mirror, themselves! If they want the black on black crime to stop they need to clean up their own communities and if it means shutting down race baiting reverends and political leaders to get things changed, then they need to do it instead of blaming an ethnic group of people who have nothing to do with the problems within there communities! If they want change and safety for their children and everyone else then they need to make it happen and not allows those in charge to make the same old excuses.

    As I wrote before the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., his speeches resonated with everyone. People took his speeches to heart and changed, worked to change things and moved forward to get rid of racism! This change can be seen all across this nation if they took off the blinders and ear plugs!

    The two sitting in the White House are one of the biggest mistake this country has made. By voting one into office and the other came along with the package deal. It’s to bad because between the two of them they have set race relations back twenty years but our nation will heal from this too. If they were truly for hope and change meaning the both of them together they could of moved this nation further ahead in healing the ethnic relations especially with other rabid race hustlers and hate groups! Has anyone noticed while the hate groups such as the Neo Nazis and the KKK have lessened the black racist hate groups have grown while they’ve been in office and given a bigger platform to individuals and groups such as Sharoton, Jackson, Wright, Farrahkan, NAN, New Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter and other groups who’ve called out to kill all cops and white people! The difference is they think they’ve been given card blanche to do this crap.

    It’s a real shame but the damage will change again and heal and our country will continue to move forward for the better! You know it, I know it its to bad they don’t know it!

    End of my semi rant!

  86. Thomas Robbins says:

    Its not racism ifn you hatin honkies, or you hatin Chistians. Right! To tell you the truth, it takes wisdom to discern Islam for the evil it breeds. There are many in my tribe who hate Christianity for what they did to our peoples, the Tuscarora. It doesn’t take any wisdom to know that with Islam it would have been worse. At least those Christians were acting in ignorance of the truth, Islam would be acting appropriately for their faith and teachings.

  87. kendallpeak says:

    The insidious thing here goes deeper than race or even speech. Her message to the young is; “Always side with the government and society against the values within your family.”

  88. Maybe we should all speak up and ask blacks to start acting like human beings instead of savages. What do I mean? Well, for a start, make blacks STOP murdering each other at such a high rate. How can you expect other people to embrace a race of murderers?

  89. Fred H. Smith says:

    Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Russiia , Michelle should crawll back into her race baiting shell

  90. Im sorry. Not that I am racist, but the good part of the US is that, u are ALLOWED to be racist if you want. BUT do not take it out on others!!!!!!!!! Keep ur opinion to ur self white, black, or otherwise. But to allow racists in the white house and then LET THEM be racist toward others is the biggest pot calling kettle black I have ever seen.

  91. Jeanette406 says:

    Liberal tolerance. That’s funny. Liberals are up there with radical Muslims in tolerance these days. They are a vicious bunch if you don’t agree with them. Just read Bill Clement’s comments in this thread. No reasoning, no debate, no discussion, just hatefulness and nastiness and of course attacking. That is a fine example of that ‘liberal tolerance.’ Thanks Bill for just being you today and proving my point.

  92. Aaron Wilkins says:

    She’s a racist bitch! and a transexual.

  93. Well it looks like the gloves are coming off, not content with raising the spectre of racism in the US, now the Obamas want to emulate the Hitler Jugend by having them report and spy on their parents and relatives and report them for being racist… Guess they are following the same tenets as the Nazis back in the 1930’s. What’s next are they going to build communities for the whites and the Jews, where they will be interned for reeducation?

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