Michelle Obama Orders Schools To Feed Children Her Slop Or She Will Do THIS!


I’d pay her $10,000 to watch HER kids eat this garbage…



Obama thinks he is the King of America. So that would make his husband the Queen right? That wasn’t a typo btw, LMAO! And when you disobey the King, you have to pay the price. And that is exactly what the Bozeman, Montana school district is doing- paying the price!


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They have made the decision to dump the Mooche’s so called ‘”healthy lunch” program because of how much of the bland cardboard tasting garbage was being tossed in the trash! LMAO! These poor kids want REAL FOOD! Greasy burgers and pizza and hot dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches! They DON’T want celery sticks! They want chips and cookies and GOOD TASTING FRICKING FOOD!



We did an article on what the Obama’s ‘kids’ eat and it’s not the crap they are feeding us regular folks, let me assure you! Here’s an example of what their kids eat.



Obama’s kids school lunch- YUMMY!

The Great Falls Tribune reports:

The Bozeman School Board has voted to discontinue the National School Lunch Program at the high school after deeming the nutrition rules too strict.

The 5-3 vote this past week came after the school’s food program lost $35,000 last year and officials predicted that losses would deepen as federal food rules tighten in the next few years.

While the high school will drop out of the program, the school Board trustees adopted Superintendent Rob Watson’s recommendation that Bozeman’s elementary and middle schools stay in the program.

The Bozeman Chronicle reports that the decision to drop out will mean losing a $117,000 federal subsidy. But officials say it will give the school more flexibility in local food offerings while still maintaining healthy menus.


So schools are being strong armed by Obama because they won’t obey their crappy lunch program?

This is who liberals elected supposedly to be in charge of the greatest nation on earth folks.

I wouldn’t feed that garbage to a stray Muslim refugee- actually I would…

God Bless.


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