Michelle Obama Orders Schools To Feed Children Her Slop Or She Will Do THIS!


I’d pay her $10,000 to watch HER kids eat this garbage…



Obama thinks he is the King of America. So that would make his husband the Queen right? That wasn’t a typo btw, LMAO! And when you disobey the King, you have to pay the price. And that is exactly what the Bozeman, Montana school district is doing- paying the price!


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They have made the decision to dump the Mooche’s so called ‘”healthy lunch” program because of how much of the bland cardboard tasting garbage was being tossed in the trash! LMAO! These poor kids want REAL FOOD! Greasy burgers and pizza and hot dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches! They DON’T want celery sticks! They want chips and cookies and GOOD TASTING FRICKING FOOD!



We did an article on what the Obama’s ‘kids’ eat and it’s not the crap they are feeding us regular folks, let me assure you! Here’s an example of what their kids eat.



Obama’s kids school lunch- YUMMY!

The Great Falls Tribune reports:

The Bozeman School Board has voted to discontinue the National School Lunch Program at the high school after deeming the nutrition rules too strict.

The 5-3 vote this past week came after the school’s food program lost $35,000 last year and officials predicted that losses would deepen as federal food rules tighten in the next few years.

While the high school will drop out of the program, the school Board trustees adopted Superintendent Rob Watson’s recommendation that Bozeman’s elementary and middle schools stay in the program.

The Bozeman Chronicle reports that the decision to drop out will mean losing a $117,000 federal subsidy. But officials say it will give the school more flexibility in local food offerings while still maintaining healthy menus.


So schools are being strong armed by Obama because they won’t obey their crappy lunch program?

This is who liberals elected supposedly to be in charge of the greatest nation on earth folks.

I wouldn’t feed that garbage to a stray Muslim refugee- actually I would…

God Bless.


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  1. Why the HELL is anyone paying attention to what Barry Obama’s husband has to say, he wasn’t elected to any position within the federal government, and as such, has NO say in what school kids eat!!!

  2. You call that food It looks like crap.

  3. those trays look like they were already eaten and thrown back up! Yuck!! who the hell is this prick anyway to stick her nose in where there wasn’t a problem , she had to create one. ! kids should eat healthy but they should also have a choice . this crap doesn’t look healthy to me. where is the fresh fruit and veggies? the 4 basic food groups? just dont’ see that on any of these trays. I think the Obama girls should have to eat the same thing the rest of the country is forced to eat.

  4. S.d. Houston says:

    Legally, Michelle has no grounds to enforce this anyway. Technically only parents can force mandates on the food their children eat

  5. David Ziegler says:

    She is not an elected official. Let her eat that garbage!To hell with her.

  6. Does anybody else see the comparison to French History?? How about the phrase “Let them eat cake”? Next on the menu will be Soylent Green………….

  7. Maybe some kids can bring their lunch, maybe the community can help, there has got to be some way to help this school have a decent lunch.

  8. Obama is the best president this country has ever had.

  9. Consuelo Barrow says:

    Who in the hell is she to cut kids school lunches that’s totally outrageous yet they can let all those illegal immigrants in and treat them with fairness but us Americans get treated like trash.

  10. Kirby Nickerson says:


  11. Jonathan Brooks says:

    If there is justice in the world, and Obama and Michelle are overthrown, I hope the new ruler televises them eating this swill breakfast lunch and dinner, including the moldy food, and if they throw up, they have to eat another meal.

  12. Linda Harrison says:

    I would not feed that garbage to my dogs. My daughter wouldn’t eat that .

  13. mickey5020 says:

    Why in the hell is she allowed to change and enforce anything or control the school funding, which is exactly what is happening , she is only obama’s husband and has no business or authority to do anything , obama is just bending over for micheal.

  14. Vivian Slabaugh says:

    This looks like buckets of “pig slop” that we use to feed our pigs years ago during & after the depression years……I guess when we all end up in Fema camps we can expect this slop too….while the king and queen will eat “high on the hog!”

    But then I forgot Muslim’s do not eat “hogs!!”

  15. Christine Cuneo says:

    Moochelle most hated first (term used loosely) lady.

  16. LaRae Bailey says:

    Not one damned school should be participating in the lunch program, if they would stick together and just say no to it they would be much better off. Cowards everywhere are too afraid to say no and to stand up for what is right

  17. This is also old news. However, Dean James did a better job at putting the info together.

    I’ve gone to eat lunch with my grandson a few times. He hardly ate any of it, and when I tasted it I could see why. He always came home from school starving, you know, more than the normal just home from school hunger. Now I know why.

    Michelle Obama or Barack do not have any real power to decide who eats what in our public schools, but true to this tyrant’s ways they do what they want. Barack has proven time after time, “Just make up the new laws and rules as we go”. They use the threat of cutting federal funds if you don’t do as they say. It’s that new propaganda thing, you know where they “NUDGE” the people in the direction they want them to go. (See: content://com.sec.android.app.sbrowser/readinglist/0918111934.mhtml )

    But why are they so concerned about what the children eat in school? As you have seen, these lunches are nothing like what the Obama children eat in the lunchroom. Could it be the pre-conditioning of the younger minds to adapt to the kind of slop everyone will be fed under the “New World Order”? Of course, just as the Obama kids are not subject to this type of cuisine, neither will the elite who will be in charge.

  18. ITs all full of corn!!! The cheapest “food” which has no nutrition and turns to sugar in our bodies! Useless and cheap cow and chicken feed.

  19. Patriot( retired Navy) says:

    The first drag queen has never been elected, she doesn’t have the authority to dictate her programs, yet her daughters eat like they are at a five star restaurant, funny how the rules do not apply to them.

  20. Jack Smithers says:

    my dogs eat better than that!

  21. Terry Griffith says:

    Crazy bastard UGLY drag queen!

  22. G money why dont you go and cash your self in , i hate punk ass bitches that want to be hard core when they sit behind a screen jacking off watching porn and then commenting with their little fat sausage fingers , step up or shut up , these are real people here doing something to protect your freedom to be able to watch porn and sit on your fat ass and jack off and comment on sites the least you can do is go away and leave the important stuff to people who are not sloppy and ghetto

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