Was Michelle Obama In On Beyonce’s ‘Racist’ Show? Look What She Did BEFORE The Game

Prior to Sunday’s big game, Michelle Obama did a fluff interview on CBS in which numerous “hard-hitting” topics like first dates and poor WiFi at the White House were discussed. But one part of the segment has people wondering if the First Lady was in on Beyonce’s now-infamous halftime show that many deemed racist.

Michelle was joined by her husband on CBS This Morning with anchor Gayle King, a friend of the family’s, for what has now become a tradition every year prior to the Super Bowl. It wasn’t exactly a contentious exchange. It was more of a love fest for the departing First Family in which post-presidency plans were discussed among other things, including the upcoming performance that would spark a firestorm across the country.

BizPac Review has more on the exchange, which has many people wondering if Michelle knew exactly what was about to happen:

The first lady said she cared “deeply about the halftime game show,” likely because pal Beyoncé, one of this year’s halftime performers, was planning to get political in support of Black Lives Matter.


“I got dressed for the halftime show,” Michelle said. “I hope Beyoncé likes what I’ve got on.”

Mrs. Obama was dressed in all black, we assume in simpatico with the artist’s dancers who performed in wardrobes that resembled the Black Panthers. The only thing missing was a Black Panther beret. Furious Americans are expressing their disappointment and outrage that the Super Bowl halftime show was allowed to be hijacked for political purposes and given a racist, black power theme.

Here’s a portion of the interview:

Oddly enough, the Obamas intended to show America that they’re just “like everybody else” with their interview, but it didn’t exactly go as planned. In fact, Twitter erupted with negative criticism from people who are just plain fed up with the Obamas and the lavish lifestyle they lead on the taxpayers’ dime.



So what do you think, was Michelle aware that Beyonce was about to do a performance that would only further the divide in our country? Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised given the First Lady’s record on such matters. Plus, she is married to the most divisive president our nation has ever seen.

Regardless, the day they depart from the People’s House can’t come soon enough.

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