Mike Ditka Just Got THIS Horrible News After Endorsing Donald Trump And SLAMMING Obama…

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Less than one week after calling President Barack Obama “the worst president we’ve ever had,” Pro Football Hall of Famer, Mike Ditka got the boot from ESPN!

That’s right folks. ESPN used to be all about sports but with the firing of the great Curt Schilling over his comments about Muslim terrorists and now Mike Ditka being fired over telling the truth about Obama it seems as if they are just another, useless liberal rag.

“Obama is the worst president we’ve ever had,” Ditka told a New York radio station last week, adding that Obama is “not a leader.”

Ditka DOES like Donald Trump! Now we’re talking baby!

Immediately, the comments set off widespread speculation about whether the words would result in the demise of the Super Bowl-winning coach and player at the network, Breitbart reports. Ditka joined ESPN in 2004 after stints with CBS and NBC.

ESPN has hired Matt Hasselbeck, from the Indianapolis Colts to replace Ditka on Sunday NFL Countdown.

ESPN has refrained from commenting on what role, if any, Ditka’s criticism of the president led to him losing his job on Sunday NFL Countdown. The Big Lead reports that Ditka will stay on at the network in a diminished capacity.

Censorship at it’s finest. Obama does suck. He IS the worst president we’ve ever had. And TRUMP will be in the White House and AMERICA WILL BE GREAT AGAIN!

God Bless.


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