BREAKING: Mike Pence’s Life In IMMEDIATE Danger After Security Detail Suddenly FIRED


Four Army soldiers who were assigned to Vice President Pence’s protection detail have been kicked off from their duties after being accused of bringing women back to their hotel in Panama.

Yeah dudes- you are there to protect our vice president, not screw some stinking skanks.


This isn’t the Obama Presidency- shit is serious.

The days of getting drunk and screwing around while the Kenyan Muslim holes up in a $200,000 a night penthouse smoking crack and getting drunk are over.

We are on a mission to take our country back from that racist pile of sh*t president.

The Defense Department responded.


“We are aware of the incident and it is currently under investigation,” Defense Department spokesman Lt. Col. Paul Haverstick said Thursday. “We can confirm that the individuals in question have been reassigned back to the Army.”

The soldiers were with the White House Communications Agency, which runs technical support for presidential and vice presidential events, Fox News reported.

Pence’s office did not comment on Thursday.

NBC News, which reported the reassignment on Thursday, said the soldiers were caught on video bringing the women into a secure area.

In 2012, the Secret Service was rocked by a scandal when agents preparing for a presidential trip to Colombia were accused of bringing prostitutes back to their hotel rooms.

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According to the Washington Free-Beacon, the four Army soldiers were removed from Panama before Pence arrived in the country on Aug. 17.


“At this time, no evidence of prostitution exists with any of the removed service members,” Karen Brazell, the chief of staff to the White House Military Office, told the outlet.

Look, I’m the last man to slam the military but these fools need to be severely disciplined.

Not that it matters but I have to wonder what race the guys are and if they are Democrats.

Our thoughts and prayers are with President Trump and Mike Pence.

The left is on a mission which has been funded by the Obama Administration who had funneled BILLIONS of dollars throughout the years to in order to fund the ‘resistance.’

This is a well oiled machine who are ready and willing to tear apart America.

Unfortunately, a massive blood bath is going to occur.

Those of us on the right will eventually have no choice but to take the battle to the streets and we have no intention of being defeated.

All Confederate monuments will be put back where they belong and liberals will obey US- WE ARE IN CHARGE AND YOU LIBERAL SCUMBAGS WILL KNEEL TO US CRYING LIKE LITTLE BABIES.

F all of you d bags.

God Bless.

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