Military Commanders Tell Obama To “Go To Hell” After He Makes THIS Sick Move Against Them… [VID]


President Barack Hussein Obama has depleted our military to the point that our servicemen are extremely vulnerable to being attacked here at home and overseas.

Several top officials are speaking out about the sick actions that Barack Obama is taking against our military including his weak military strategies, the second guessing of our military commanders, his ‘micromanaging’ from the White House and the crucial decisions that are being made by Obama’s inexperienced staff.

Three former defense secretaries under Obama, Robert Gates, Leon Panetta and Chuck Hagel all spoke to Fox News about the specific concerns about Obama’s views of the U.S. led military and it’s role in the world and all of them shared one particular criticism. An inexperienced White House staff running wars and international affairs from inside the White House.


“It was the operational micromanagement that drove me nuts, of, White House and NSC staffers calling senior commanders out in the field and asking them questions, of second-guessing commanders,” Gates said.

“When I was deputy national security adviser, I would have tried to, even as deputy, if I had tried to call a field commander going around Dick Cheney, who was Secretary of Defense, or Colin Powell, who was chairman of the Joint Chiefs, I’d have had my head handed to me, probably personally by the president,” Gates said.

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Gates said, “I told the combatant commanders and others and the field commanders, Petraeus and others if you get calls from the White House staff- you know you get a call from the president that’s one thing-that’s totally okay. That’s the chain in command. But if you get a call from some White House or National Security Council staffer, you tell them to call me instead,” Gates said. “And then tell them, ‘Oh, by the way, go to hell. And that’s directly from the secretary of Defense!'”



YouTube video via Bret Baier

Gates accused Obama of being ‘deeply suspicious’ of the military’s actions and their recommendations. He noted that Obama is surrounded by people that are warning him that the military is trying to trick him into going to war when in actuality, the military advisers were giving him the best, most professional military advice. But Obama didn’t listen and that’s why we are at where are now.

Panetta, meanwhile, talked about a culture where currying favor with the president would get minor staffers more influence with Obama than even the secretary of defense, Conservative Tribune reports.

“Very frankly, proximity is everything when you’re operating at the White House,” Panetta said. “The person who’s closest to the president has greater influence than even a cabinet member.”

“Staff people try to read what the president wants, and then try through the backdoor (to) influence the direction of policy,” he continued. “What that does is it undermines the very process that a president needs in order to get the best discussion and information possible.”

And Hagel spoke about the inexperience of both Obama and his staff.

“President Obama, he’s one of the youngest presidents we’ve ever had, one of the most inexperienced presidents we’ve ever had,” Hagel said. “He has a staff around him that is very inexperienced.”

“I don’t think there’s one veteran on his senior staff at the White House. I don’t believe there’s one businessperson. I don’t believe there’s one person who’s ever run anything,” he said.

Robert Gates, Leon Panetta and Chuck Hagel all expose that Obama and his administration are actively working against our military.

It’s time for Obama to get the hell out of the White House.

It’s time for Trump to move INTO the White House.

We need a strong leader, not some drunken, Kenyan Commie.


God Bless.


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