BOOM: Military Veterans Just Put Starbucks In Their PLACE- This Is AWESOME

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As Trump supporters threaten to boycott Starbucks, Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC) is seizing the opportunity to win over coffee drinkers who support the president.

Soon after Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announced plans to hire 10,000 refugees, in response to President Trump’s executive order barring people from seven majority-Muslim countries and all refugees from entering the US, BRCC made a promise of its own.

The company, which sells coffee blends, monthly coffee club subscriptions, and java-badass apparel and gear, posted that it would hire 10,000 veterans, just as the pro-Trump movement to boycott Starbucks gained steam.

“Hipsterbucks brews burnt, bulls— coffee and they add a bunch of sugar, foam, cream and sprinkle a side of other bulls— on the top to mask the taste of S—, Mixed into each cup comes a convoluted ingredient of anti-American and anti-constitutionalism fluff that has seemed to further the entitlement of the millennial generation.””~Black Rifle Coffee Company

While most companies that have taken a public stance on the immigration ban have opposed the executive order, BRCC’s pro-Trump stance seems to be paying off for the company.

“Due to an increase in demand for our premium American-roasted liquid freedom customers should expect longer than normal shipping timelines,” the company announced in early February.

BRCC’s pro-veteran, anti-political correctness stances have been part of the company’s brand long before the Starbucks boycott. The company was founded by a veteran, Evan Hafer, and more than half of employees are veterans.

Hafer, an Army Special Forces veteran and CEO of Black Rifle Coffee Company, said “Our plan is to build 600 stores in the next six years. I’m gonna try to push this forward with the community behind me.”

“Hiring vets is not PR for me; it’s who we are,” Hafer said.

“We hold true to our values as conservative, pro-military, pro-law enforcement, and pro-2nd Amendment American citizens and never waiver in those values in order to simply make the maximum amount of profit,” executive vice president and COO Scott Bollinger writes in his bio on the company website.

These values shine through in almost everything the BRCC sells. Roasts include “F— Hipster Coffee,” “Caffeine and Hate,” and “Better Than a Blowjob.” 

Black Rifle Coffee Company, simply HELL YEAH!  Why would you choose to support the garbage, over-priced yuppy coffee that is in love with Obama and Islam, Starbucks.

Choose to support an American badass company that is not afraid to take a stand against communism and piss poor coffee!  America is back and leading the way!



AFF’s Huny Badger is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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