This Millennial Has A BRUTAL Message For Her Generation… It’s Going VIRAL [VID]

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Millennial journalist Alexis Bloomer from Texas recorded a video apologizing on behalf of her generation to the elders in America.

Boomer posted a video acknowledging that older generations think that “our generation sucks,” and decides to evaluate why that is. Her video on Facebook has been viewed almost 45 million times as of Monday.

She states that “we’re just existing, we’re not really contributing anything to society,” since millennials lack basic manners and don’t hold open doors, cuss in public and have a severe lack of respect for our country.

Rebecca Downs at Red Alert Politics writes that Boomer says,

“And we idolize people like Kim Kardashian, and then we shame people like Tim Tebow. We’re lazy, we’re really entitled, and we want to make a lot of money and have free education but we’re not really willing to put in the work…”

She also got further political as she discussed how “our idea of standing up for what you believe in” means turning to Facebook. Boomer had also criticized millennials for focusing on social media relationships too much and letting it reflects them as a person.

In addition to failing to respect elders, millennials also don’t respect our country. This is notably by stepping on the flag and mocking those who do serve in the military.

Boomer thinks that “our generation has a lot to do with” how “we’re more divided as a country than ever before.”

Take a look at the video!


Boomer closes by apologizing to elders, also hoping that millennials “start contributing to the society we love and maybe make a difference in 2016, so we can make a difference in the future.”

(h/t Allen West)

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