BREAKING: Millions Of Muslims Just Found Out What’s Happening To Them And Their Lives Are RUINED

Lawmakers and leaders in Britain might just be re-thinking their unconditional love for the sand dwelling Muslims that they have let take over their country. After the latest jihadist attack the British libs are scrambling to take back the reins and prevent any further carnage.

But y’all love these people and embrace diversity so much just like Obama and France and Italy and all the other freaking morons. Why change now?

Well, apparently the bleeding heart British liberals are getting fed up with their own citizens being slaughtered by the third world savages that Obama adores and since Obama is just a distant foul memory, they are ready to take more of a Trump style approach to fighting this Muslim infestation- I would call it “Britain First” or “Make Britain Great Again.”


Has a nice ring, doesn’t it?

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Okay, so for starters British Prime Minister Theresa May, speaking Sunday after a meeting of the government’s COBRA emergency committee, claimed there was “too much tolerance” of Islamist extremism in the U.K. and insisted that the country’s counterterrorism strategy would be reviewed.


Reviewed… Fantastic idea.

Okay. That’s a start but one needs to ask why there is ANY tolerance for Islamist extremism. But evolving into reality is sometimes achieved in small steps which seems to be the case here.


While such reviews remain in preliminary stages, a British intelligence source told Fox News that it is an “all hands at the pump” approach, with Joint Intelligence Operations to be carried out collaboratively with M15, Scotland Yard and the Army’s Special Air Service (SAS) all involved.

The points of focus include: recruiting and deploying even more counterterrorism officers, and pushing through new laws to “round up” suspected terrorists and, if convicted, stripping them of their citizenship as a deterrent.

“There is also early talk that things could go as far as banning the burka,” the source said.

And all I have to say about banning the filthy burka is- 


The burka debate has, for more than a decade, divided much of the British community. In 2006, MP and government minister Jack Straw first advocated support for such a prohibition in the media, but several years later apologized following the backlash. Nearby European countries such as France, Austria, Germany and Belgium have, over the years, implemented different degrees of legislation to restrict the wearing of full-face veils.

“It is just whispers at the moment, but if that goes live, one would guess that it will be enforced across the U.K.,” the source noted.

Furthermore, the U.K. government is said to be planning how to dismantle the pockets of extremism and enforce better mechanism for community integration.

“There are a lot of Muslim strongholds in the U.K. from London and Luton to Birmingham, Burnley and Blackburn,” added the intel source. “Right now, through weak policies, we have allowed the fundamentalists to spoil it for the majority.”

British authorities also are said to be looking at ways to “force large Internet companies to ban extremist material on their search engines and additionally report any content that they find.”

In her address Sunday, May vowed that the Internet could no longer function as a “safe space” for jihadism. Another intelligence source confirmed that May’s focus is very much on the role of the Internet – restricting and monitoring – in the quest to infiltrate where cells congregate and how they communicate.

Look, it’s simple. Kick those cockroaches out of your country (or kill them all) and give the British citizens and police officers back their right to have firearms to protect themselves for God’s sake.

I just have to say that I am all smiles to see that these idiots are actually beginning to see the light that President Trump has been spreading across the world.

Unfortunately, thanks to liberalism hundreds of thousands have died as a result of this blind and misguided theory that these people have the right to co-exist with civilized people.


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