Millions Of YOUR Tax Dollars Are Now Being Spent On THIS… You Will NOT Be Happy


As if we aren’t forced to pay enough of our hard earned money in taxes to fund wasteful government spending and finance programs and studies that are against the very core foundation our country was founded on, here comes an announcement from the Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter.

According to a statement released, transgender individuals will now be able to openly enroll in the United States Armed Forces and their gender identity crisis will now be treated like any other medical condition.

According to the Associated Press, Carter wanted to rescind the ban on transgenders serving in the Armed Forces last July, allegedly calling such a ban “outdated.” He ordered a six-month study — later extended –which would have considered medical and scientific research on the subject.


The study also hosted discussions with other nations and organizations that had undergone similar processes of introducing transgenders into their work force and military. As for an explanation for why he was dropping the ban, Carter said, “[W]e can’t allow barriers, unrelated to a person’s qualifications, prevent us from recruiting and training those who can best accomplish the mission.”

Carter claims that a study from RAND think tank shows that there are already somewhere between 2,500 and 7,000 transgender individuals actively serving in the United States military, and perhaps as many as 4,000 additional in the reserves. This policy does NOT mean that transgender people are no longer in danger of being “discharged or otherwise separated from the military solely for being transgender.” No, now the military via the American taxpayer must pay for their treatments to transition to their preferred gender of choice.  According to the transgender implementation fact sheet, “The Military Health system will be required to provide transgender service members with all medically necessary care related to gender transition.”

Our tax dollars will go to funding gender transition surgery in the same way that our tax dollars go to letting military personnel go to college for free. The Defense Department already consumes about $602 billion a year, about 16 percent of our nation’s spending. In 2015, the military’s annual health care budget was $47.8 billion.

Aaron Belkin of San Francisco State University told Reuters the gender transition operations will cost the military approximately $5.6 million a year, except that’s not even a true picture — as taxpayers aren’t just footing the bill for the actual medical procedure, it will also cover all necessary medical training needed to perform the gender transition treatments.



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According to the Military Times, “Under the policy, the services can continue to reject prospective recruits who have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria — feeling that one’s biological gender is the opposite of the one he or she identifies with emotionally and psychologically — unless a doctor certifies the individual has been treated and ‘stable’ for at least 18 months and does not suffer from any significant distress or other impairment.”

After they have legally transitioned to their new gender, transgender people will be able to “use the bathrooms, housing, uniforms and fitness standards of their preferred gender.”

It’s just one more instance where politics is being prioritized over policy and good old-fashioned American values are taking a beating in the name of so-called political correctness and deviant behavior.

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