BOOM! Milo Yiannopoulos Just Got EPIC Revenge After New Book Gets CANCELLED


Milo Yiannopoulos filed a $10 million suit on Friday against Simon & Schuster citing in the complaint “willful and opportunistic breach of its contract” to publish his book “Dangerous.”

The minimum of $10 million he’s asking for would apparently be enough to cover “the commercial value of his public persona, including millions of dollars in royalties and fees, as well as permanent harm to the development and exploitation of his stature as an important, sought after media figure and free speech personality.”


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In December of 2016, Milo landed a $250,000 book deal.  The publisher canceled the deal in February amidst extreme pressure after a controversial video was released where some took Milo to be condoning pedophilia. Milo responded with a statement regarding his own sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic priests and what he described as flippant statements making light of a grave situation inappropriately.


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He states that he strongly condemns pedophilia, stating “I myself was a victim of sexual abuse, and therefore mistakenly thought it was okay to discuss these issues anyway I wanted to.”


The fallout from that scandal led to Simon & Schuster to ax Milo’s book and he went on to self-publish the book earlier this week. Within a day, it had risen to be the number-one bestseller on Amazon, and the online bookstore was sold out of its share of what was said to be a book run of a hundred thousand copies.

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The suit claims the publishing house, “in bad faith, terminated the contract with Yiannopoulos in violation of its terms and canceled ‘Dangerous’ under pressure from authors, bookselling accounts, business and special interest groups, celebrities, and various other self-appointed censors who disagreed with views expressed by Yiannopoulos.”

The suit also alleges that the reason S&S gave for dropping the book was false with it coming a mere hours after the video release.  S&S stated the book was “unacceptable for publication” yet nothing about the message or content had changed.

Milo states –

“When S&S told my agent they were dumping the book I was shocked. The termination letter said the manuscript was no good — but as recently as one day earlier, in calls, emails and texts, they’d told me how great it was! I knew there was more to it. I wasn’t in a position to fight them then, but I am now. They breached the contract, so they have to pay up.”

Milo was paid $80,000 of his $255,000 book advance and allowed to keep it, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Some speculate that this was intended to be “hush money.”

Milo himself remains positive about the self-publication of his book, as well as the lawsuit, stating –

“The response from my fans has been overwhelmingly positive. They love seeing a conservative with cojones finally standing up to the liberal establishment.” 

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