Milo Yiannopoulos Gets BAD NEWS After Defending Pedophiles- Here’s The Bombshell VIDEO

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BREAKING: Milo OUTED As A Parasite — He Has Been Banned From Speaking At CPAC

Every great movement has parasites — even our own.  These are the people that latch on to the cultural trends, those that ‘go out into the streets to see which way the people run.’ They aren’t interested in the movement or the ideological framework that supports it — they want to be leaders, they want to grasp attention, they want to take it over.  Milo Yiannopoulos is our momentary parasite within the MAGA Movement.  He’s not even American and yet he has plastered himself to Trump’s Wall like a barnacle to whale — though he feigns symbiosis, he is only here for himself.

He’s also a defender of pedophiles. He actually said that the children are often times the predators and the adults the victims.  This is on tape below. Do not take my word for it.


Now, it’s important to be clear. Milo is a victim of a pedophile that raped him as a young man.  He admits this in the tape below. But he also uses his platform to defend the rape and subjugation of other children — perhaps as a coping mechanism.  But it isn’t forgivable.  He might feel better about his own tribulations by doing so — and some shortsighted do-gooders have suggested just that. But by squeezing his proverbial stress ball he puts other children at risk by justifying the actions of dangerous men and women.

Milo took to Facebook this morning (to my dismay, my editor alerted me after I had shown him the clip days before).

He promptly and suspiciously started to defend his comments.  He doesn’t actually post the tape of his comments. Instead he tries to hide what he really said.  The entire green portion below is a lie. 


Moments after I made this post we received the alert — Milo had been banned from speaking from the prominent conservative convention: CPAC.

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This article was written by Brett MacDonald, a political commentator, and an Eisenhower Republican. As an initial supporter of the New Right,  MacDonald covers US Policy from a Nationalist’s perspective and is dedicated to making America great again. 

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God Bless.

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