ALERT: Minnesota School Gives Transgender Treatment To Boy With NO Parental Consent- LOOK What Pissed Off Mom Is Doing


A Minnesota mother has been forced to address her concerns in a Minnesota court due to the school district usurping her parental rights. Anmarie Calgaro is represented by Erick Kaardal, special counsel with the Thomas More Society.

Kaardal said in a statement –

“The U.S. Constitution says that parental rights of fit parents are fundamental rights, fit parents’ parental rights over unemancipated minors cannot be terminated without due process.”

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Last November, Calgaro filed suit against St. Louis County, Fairview Health Services, Park Nicollet Health Services and the St. Louis County School District for treating her son as an emancipated minor and providing female hormone treatments without notification or permission.


A Minnesota mother is appealing a judge’s decision to dismiss her lawsuit against school authorities who gave her teenage son female hormone treatments without her permission. A judge, in turn, dismissed her case.  She is now being forced to file an appeal in the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit in St. Paul.


According to court documents, school officials claim that the minor called “E.J.K.” should be treated as an emancipated minor as due to his mother seeking help for her addiction he had been living on his own for two months.  He also had a letter of emancipation, however, that letter was found to not be legally binding, nor was he granted emancipation in a court of law.  Therefore according to the courts, the teenager was still considered a minor.

District Court Judge Paul Magnuson ruled in May that E.J.K. was not legally emancipated and that Calgaro’s parental rights “remain intact” yet he STILL chose to rule against the mother.  He dismissed her lawsuit on the grounds he claimed it was “meritless” arguing that the school district could not be sued for a violation of parental rights, nor could any of the other named entities.


Magnuson stated in his ruling –

“The School District argues that Calgaro has failed to plausibly allege that the execution of a School District policy or custom caused the deprivation of Calgaro’s parental rights. The School District is correct.

Calgaro fails to provide any facts that the School District executed a policy or custom that deprived Calgaro of her parental rights without due process.”

In other words, according to this judge, parental right do not matter.  Your children are the school district’s property to do with as they wish.  If that means directly contradicting your wishes concerning your minor child? Well, then that is just too bad!

In the appeal, Kaardal argues –

“There’s a real disconnect in the District Court decision where the mother’s parental rights are admitted but not honored. Then, at the same time, the District Court claims those agencies which are violating Calgaro’s rights are doing nothing wrong.”

The argument was also made that since Calgaro was by legal definition a “fit parent” school and county officials had no rights to emancipate her child and therefore overrule her parental rights, according to the appeal brief. E.J.K.’s father is incarcerated and therefore effectively not in the picture at this time.

“Calgaro, the mother of E.J.K., has not been challenged nor has any evidence been shown that she is an unfit parent. She loves her child regardless of decisions made by her child.

Calgaro seeks adjudication from this Court that as a fit parent, at the very least under the circumstances of this case, she had a pre-deprivation right to notice and an opportunity to be heard. The implications are great for every parent in Minnesota.”

Calgaro believes her son was coerced and strong armed into seeking this treatment to transition into a female.  She feels her son was especially vulnerable due to his father’s incarceration and being forced to grow up too quickly due to dealing with her addiction issues.  However, she states she loves her son no matter what his decisions are, however, that does not give the school system and the county the right to interfere and usurp her parental rights.

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