SEE IT: Epic ‘Minority’ Rally Sends This BRUTAL Message STRAIGHT To Hillary Clinton…


The liberal media is constantly calling Republican presidential nominee a racist and insist that Hillary Clinton has the black vote all locked up but in fact, that may not be the case at all.

We do know that some blacks will vote for Hillary based on the fact that she’s the Democrat nominee. That’s how they have voted all their lives and the same goes for people of every race.


But we are seeing many African-Americans that are actually taking a stand and realize that Trump is the best choice!

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Recently, at a minority rally, a group of blacks were sporting their awesome T-shirts that read- “Trump and Republicans Are Not Racist.”


One of the black men who identified himself as “Michael the black man,” sent Clinton and Democrats everywhere a brutal message, and we have it on video!

It begins with “Michael the black man” declaring that he was voting for Trump! He also pointed out that the whole Democrat idea that Trump is a racist is nothing but a lie.


He points out that the mainstream media refuses to report the fact that black leaders, the Black Nationalist Movement and even Black Lives Matter are ALL speaking out against Clinton!

He also wants other black voters to rally behind Trump and tells other blacks that they don’t have to be ashamed to break the ranks and go for Trump! USA! USA! USA!

Check this out- it’s epic!

The LANDSLIDE is coming!! (video Courtesy of Trump Street Team FL @ChatRevolve)

Wow! How great was that? These guys were SLAMMING Hillary and rightly so.

Conservative Tribune adds that from this video it looks like more and more people are coming around to the fact that Clinton is not the person she presents herself to be. And frankly, that is the worst thing that could happen to the former secretary of state at this point in time.

Clinton is already struggling to fight the image that she is too sick to be president, coupled with the fact that she is incredibly dishonest. To lose a major chuck of black and minority voters would be devastating to her campaign, but these men are demonstrating that some voters are waking up to the truth that Clinton is not what she seems.

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