Minutes After Attacking Christian Students, Liberals Got Humiliated In The Most AWESOME Way



Yet another story about liberals attacking Christianity in America’s schools but this time the scumbags LOST!

Shreveport, Louisiana- The ACLU demanded that Ridgewood Middle School remove the words “In God We Trust” from the marquee in front of the school.

Those words have been there for 16 YEARS!

So, the school took the words down but that’s when students stepped up to the plate!

A protest was organized by members of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes to fight back against the ACLU’s ‘demands’ to remove all references to God at the school and their website.

Here’s where it gets good!

The protest organized by these young patriots resulted in an epic victory!

The words “In God We Trust” were put back up the marquee just minutes into the protest! Hell yeah! These kids beat the ACLU! LMAO!!!

Here’s the video report!


If these words are so offensive to the ACLU then they should go start their own country.

These words are on the money they take in for doing what ever it is they do!

So for now we have a victory and we are proud of these kids! Good job!!!

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