BREAKING: Mitt Romney LIVID At His Niece For Endorsing THIS Candidate For PRESIDENT

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As you know, Mitt Romney publicly waged war against GOP Presidential frontrunner Donald J. Trump. For some reason, the man that lost the election to Barack Obama in 2012 felt the need to go on national television in an attempt to persuade voters that Donald J. Trump is the wrong choice as our next president. Romney called Donald Trump a “phony” and a “fraud” and urged GOP voters to support any of the three other candidates.

Apparently, Romney’s niece disagrees! Priceless!!!

Ronna Romney McDaniel said she believes the real estate billionaire is “committed to staying in the Republican party.”

Photo Credit/ Facebook

Photo Credit/ Facebook

McDaniel said that rallies she’s attended for Trump in Michigan are “not a traditional Republican crowd,” but that she’s “not surprised” he won the state handily, Newsmax reports.

“If he’s our nominee, I’m going to support him,” she declared.

She also said her uncle is not an option for the party’s nominee if there is a contested GOP convention this summer. She says Romney’s not interested. Lol.

“He said he’s not interested. I wish he were president now. But I am pleased with our field. Let’s see what happens,” She said.

Well, she seems like a smart woman.

I’d have to say that Mitt isn’t too happy about this. Good. He’s an idiot for ever trashing Trump.

God Bless. 


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