MLK’s Family Absolutely Destroys #BlackLivesMatter In The Most EPIC Way Possible… (Video)



Loud, obnoxious racist morons (#BlackLivesMatter) agitators are disrupting presidential campaigns lately. I guess storming coffee shops and staring at White people didn’t get their wonderful message out to enough people. LMAO these people are out of control!

BLM basically stormed the lunatic socialist DemoKrap Bernie Sanders event. They through his a** off the stage and spewed their hatred towards the White man. Look, we aren’t impressed or intimidated. Try doing that to Trump. You will learn a quick lesson on the reality of what NOT to do at a presidential event. No one cares about your BS.

NONE of you were slaves. MOST of you are sucking off the Government programs and are substance abusing thugs. You can’t even spell correctly. You have your pants down to your knees. You listen to the worst music available. Uneducated. Worthless idiots as far as I am concerned. And, I am BLACK! Just kidding but I do have a few Black friends. Or at least I used too lol!

Anyways, the most recent instance came earlier this week when, as Western Journalism reported, BLM protesters began to yell and shout at a town hall event featuring GOP candidate Jeb Bush. The former Florida governor abruptly ended his presentation and left the stage without making closing remarks.

A similar BLM protest at a Bernie Sanders campaign rally in Seattle only days earlier saw the angry activists storm the stage and literally commandeer the microphone. Donald Trump has said there would be a fight if such a thing occurred at one of his events.

Alveda King, the niece of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., doesn’t think much of the tactics used by the BLM activists. Though the disruptors claim that theirs is a new civil rights movement, King says it’s little more than a distraction.

Speaking with Neil Cavuto on his Fox News show on Thursday, King said, “This deafening noise – ‘Black Lives Matter’ – well, I will dare to say, ‘All lives matter.’”

She added, “This is just an emotional distraction, and it’s absolutely disrespectful, Neil, and it’s wrong.

Watch the segment featuring the niece of the slain civil rights leader telling the Fox News audience, “I beg America not to be distracted by these tactics, but to insist on sanity.”


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