Muslim Mob BRUTALLY Attacks Police Officers In ‘No-Go Zone’ … Media SILENT

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Liberals would have you believe that Muslim migrants pose no threat to Western society and are simply innocent, loving people that have fell upon hard times and need our help. What the libs fail to mention and what the liberal media fails to report is that in reality, the majority of these people are violent savages who wreak havoc wherever they go. 

Europe has been devastated by these asylum seekers. Take Sweden for example.

Express UK reports that three police officers were assaulted in Sweden on Friday by a violent mob of Muslims in a “no-go zone.”

Officers in Sweden’s capital were on patrol in the suburb of Rinkeby when they were ambushed by a group of 20-30 thugs when they began hitting, kicking and throwing bottles and glass at the officers.

Police spokeswoman Eva Nilsson said the sickening attack on her colleagues happened after they stopped to search an individual at around 11pm.

“It is utterly unacceptable that this happened during normal service,” said police spokeswoman Eva Nilsson. “The trouble started after a [routine search of a person]. People came out from a place nearby, a restaurant or what it was.”

 “Exactly how many people were involved is difficult to say, but the officers [assessed] it to be between 20-30 people. All of them were not active, but they were observing the incident,” she continued. “Bottles and glass was also thrown at the police.”
Three police officers were taken to hospital for treatment after the brutal clash, and Ms Nilsson added: “Of course it’s serious when police officers on duty are attacked in this way. Unfortunately this is the reality… for officers.”

The official also confirmed three people had been detained following the sickening incident.

The shocking attack on the on-duty officers is just one of many incidents, as officials have placed more than 50 areas on a ‘no-go zone’ list where they admit they do not have control.

Lawless thugs are wreaking havoc unchecked, and officers are often at personal risk when entering the crisis-hit areas.

This is exactly why we don’t want these people here. President Trump understands this but the democrats are hell bent on stopping anything and everything he attempts.

God Bless.

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