[VIDEO] Facebook Stoops To New Censorship LOW, Look What Happens When You MOCK The Fact Checkers- Which Is What We Are Exactly About To Do

Facebook Stoops To New Censorship Low! Don’t Mock The Fact Checkers Or Else!

Since 2016, I have watched as Mark Zuckerberg, and his minions have ramped up their censorship on Facistbook. They initially started by going after firearm owners and firearm companies. No one fought back, because “they were a private company, and have the right to do what they want.”


Next on the censorship list, Facistbook started attacking adult groups for swingers, adult film stars and so on. Their decision was cheered on because” Facebook is family friendly.”

Next up, Facistbook took out “radical news sources” like Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, and Milo Viannopoulos. This too drew much applause as folks said they were too extreme to be seen in the light of normal social media. Now Facebook is preventing you from debunking even bad fact checks from their so called “fact checkers!”

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Facebook has removed all of our pages twice- in 2018 and again in 2020 after stealing close to half a million dollars in advertising that we paid for.


Our largest page was called NATION IN DISTRESS which had 3.6 MILLION followers. All of our pages combined had over 15 MILLION followers. As a result we were forced to lay off most of our crew which consisted of veterans and single mothers.


Why? Because we aren’t leftwing trash.

Yesterday, a piece put out by our good friends over at The Federalist were hit by Facebook and their “Fact clowns”, moments before they even published their article about the video showing fraud in Georgia.

The article was a systematic takedown of the buffoons over at Lead Stories and their supposed “debunking” of the Georgia vote fraud video.

In this video, you see everyone leave the ballot counting room except 4 workers. These workers then walk over to a table, and pull out from under it a suitcase/briefcase and take it back over to the tables where they were counting. Ballots magically appeared in these luggage like apparatuses, and magically began to spike votes for Sleepy Joe!

President Trump’s legal team has argued that these spikes were very suspicious in the overnight counting, and have been trying to get to the bottom of how this all happened. Oddly enough, these spikes for Joe also coincide with the exact time on the video when these magical ballots appeared.

One of the biggest problems with Facebooks claims about independent fact checkers, is it’s an absolute LIE! Independent would mean they are not in any way tied to Facebook. However, from Leadstories own site on their financial disclosures, they receive funding from Facistbook! Now this in itself proposes a very large legal controversy a lot of legal experts have argued. So tell me how can a company that’s supposed to be giving you the truth, just flat out lie to your face?

Another very interesting donor to Lead stories, comes from a Beijing based tech company called ByteDance. ByteDance is the parent company of the controversial app known as TikTok. TikTok has been under heavy investigations for their data harvesting from their users. It wasn’t too long ago that President Trump banned via Executive order TikTok from the United states markets. Even before the Executive order, The Department of defense banned TikTok from all of their personel’s phones, and use on its facilities because of the risk the app posed to security. ByteDance has numerous financial deals with the Chinese Communist Party for funding, and use of their data against it’s own citizens.

If you take a deep dive into who is behind the masks at Leadstories, you find several attorneys who hold board positions. You also will notice numerous board members who were all employed by the likes of the lame stream media like CNN, and USA Today. All companies we have watched tell lie, after lie about the President, and Covid-19. So why does a fact check company need so many attorneys to run a “truth telling site?” If you are presenting facts, what legal ramifications would need court defending? Why also are former reporters from the lame stream media all coming together with attorneys to tell us the very thing we’re seeing before our eyes isn’t happening?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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