Mom Checks On Young Daughter In Bathroom, Terrified To Find Who’s With Her

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A mother and daughter went out to eat at the Punjab Palace restaurant in Riverside, California when the young girl said she had to use the restroom. The mother noticed that the girl was taking longer the usual so she went to check up on her an lo and behold she saw a male Mexican employee inside with her daughter committing lewd acts! 

34-year-old Avimael Lopez followed the little girl and sexually assaulted the little girl. Police were called and arrested the Mexican pedophile.


 Avimael Lopez

Lopez was arrested and faces charges of engaging in oral copulation or sexual penetration with child under 10, kidnapping victim under 14 years old, and lewd act with a child under 14 years old, ABC7 reports.

He is being held on a $2 million dollar bail.

This animal is a real scumbag. Unfortunately we will be seeing crimes like these skyrocket, thanks to Obama’s insane ‘gender neutral’ law.

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Also, the fact that Obama’s illegal amnesty order allows 100’s of thousand illegals cross the border unchecked plays into this as well. And what about the Muslim refugees he’s shipping into our country? Those people are dangerous on so many levels it’s unbelievable.

Basically everything that Obama has done has ended up failing. He doesn’t care about us- he cares about his ‘legacy’ which for those of us with brains will call disastrous.

Our hearts and prayers go out to this little girl and her family.

God Bless.


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