BREAKING: Moments After Winning Super Bowl, Tom Brady Gets BAD News


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Commissioner Roger Goodell opened his mouth and boy did he get an earful! Boos all around the stadium erupted all throughout the stadium and the roar was brought to a deafening height that muted every attempt made by the shamed Commissioner to speak his mind.  This moment was not meant for him and the fans weren’t going to let him have it.  And neither was Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft who visibly reached for the trophy as Goodell was drawing near the end of his silent speech.  Terry Bradshaw was looking increasingly uncomfortable throughout the ordeal.

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This moment made for quite the awkward exchange in which Goodell attempted to thrust the trophy into the hands of Kraft — one final power move before bowing out and exiting the stage. It’s very clear that Goodell lost his dignity and pride tonight.  That’s something Kraft, who described the relationship with Goodell (now his estranged friend) as dubious moving forward, would agree with: “I don’t know if it will ever be the same.”  At least Kraft has been making some new friends.

Sorry Goodell, this isn’t your typical coronation. Here, the king crowns himself. The Patriots won despite every obstacle place in front of them.  Despite missing Brady for 4 straight weeks. Despite being robbed of a $1 million blackmail fee.  Despite everyone rooting against them for years.

To quote a former president that will never matter again: “We won.”


Who among the Trump supporters can earnestly say they wanted the Falcons to win tonight? Put your hands down Atlanta. I see you.

UPDATE: The Jersey was recovered! Looks like it was all a “misunderstanding.”
2nd UPDATE: Now it’s lost again. Things are really unclear. 

The Post-Game Celebration Did Have One Sad Moment For #12

Unfortunately for New England’s Tom Brady all did not go as planned last night — this probably sounds strange considering he just sealed his title as the greatest QB to ever walk the gridiron, but it’s true.  Although Goodell certainly lost his pride (something quite near and dear to him), the Greatest Of All Time, lost something far more important: his jersey.

It turns out that someone took advantage of Beantown’s hero.  During the energetic and emotional celebration that followed one of the most surprising comebacks in the history of sports the jersey that Number 12 wore in the game quietly vanished from his locker.


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God Bless.

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