BREAKING: 1 Month Before Inauguration Obama Makes BIG Move To Put AMERICAN Lives In EXTREME Danger


Donald Trump has vowed to rebuild our depleted military. The very same military that Obama has gutted and turned into a politically correct shell of its former self. Our current military men and women are still the same amazing, selfless, badass warriors that they have always been.  However, the leadership in the form of the current Commander in Chief (if you even want to call him such) has failed them again and again on EVERY level.

It seems that in Obama’s America our current special ops teams have been forced to PURCHASE their own equipment or do without.  This is not optional equipment either, but necessary, life or death type equipment and none of it cheap.  ALL expected to be purchased out of our military men and women’s own pocket on the paltry salary they are provided for giving life and limb for their country. That is COMPLETELY unacceptable on a host of levels!

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Sean Matson, who recently left active duty as a Navy SEAL, said the military measured his head four times — each time before deployment — with plans to provide him a more advanced ballistic helmet.


But the new helmet never materialized. During a deployment in Africa, Matson and six of his fellow SEALs each shelled out about $900 for updated helmets that held the lights, communications devices and batteries needed for their missions.

“There was never a clear solution to it, so guys were going out spending $800-$900 on their own ballistic helmet,” said Matson, who is now CEO of the military supply company Matbock.


Elite troops such as the SEALs are more and more forced to dip into their own pockets to purchase basic military gear such as helmets, global positioning devices and medical supplies, according to Matson and others involved in the military’s unofficial civilian-side supply network who came to Capitol Hill on Thursday.

The bureaucrats that sit safely in offices in Washington finally deemed this travesty worthy of notice and claim they are demanding explanations from Defense Secretary Ash Carter.

In a 2007 file photo, a U.S. Special Operations Forces member prepares his gear for an evening mission in western Iraq. Eli J. Medellin/U.S. Navy


“These are the guys we assume have the best gear all the time,” said Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-California, a Marine Corps combat veteran. Except they haven’t and they don’t.  These are SPECIAL FORCES, as in the elite of the military, and they are being expected to provide their own equipment while in defense of a country who’s government treats them as dispensable. It’s disgusting on a host of levels.

Rep. Hunter has stated that many of the special operations troops have approached him from his California district with complaints about their inability to get needed materials. He claims that he is looking into the issue.

“Numerous individual instances point to a systemic problem in the military’s supply chain, but a blind spot exists between Defense Department vendors and the troops who need the gear and supplies.  It’s been impossible for me to find out how the money is getting stopped and why it is not going down to where it’s supposed to be,” Rep. Hunter states.

Aaron Negherbon is the executive director of the nonprofit group Troops Direct, which ships needed and requested supplies — from boot laces to tablet devices — to service members who cannot get it through their commands.

Less than two days after the attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya, Negherbon said he was contacted by the commander of a Marine Corps Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team that was being deployed there.

The commander told him the team lacked a variety of crucial equipment, including sniper supplies, he said.

“They came to us for … batteries because they didn’t have any of those. … It is kind of like, ‘What the heck is going on?’ ” Negherbon said.

He said troops often have to buy their own medical equipment such as tourniquets, and shell out about $1,000 each for their own helmets or $500 for a GPS device that they need for duty during a deployment.

“The question is, why can’t you get this?” Negherbon said.

The answer often given is the claim that superiors have not allocated those items to the budget or the equipment was approved but not available from vendors. There are and continue to be serious concerns about supply breakdowns. Unfortunately, it looks like Obama is too busy going on vacation or arguing about “fake news” or denying there have been any scandals under his administration to address. The bureaucrats will continue to push paper and “investigate” so it looks as though they are accomplishing something. Meanwhile, our brave warriors are put in harms’ way without proper equipment unless they purchase themselves with their pittance of a salary.  Our Military men and women deserve better and hopefully it will be given to them with President-Elect Trump as Commander in Chief.



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